Sonic – Allergen Information?

Dear Mr. Carroll,

Thank you for your inquiry below. Sonic
allergen information can be found at
under the menu and nutritional tab. From this tab choose Quick View tab at the
top. All Sonic allergen information can be found on the left hand side of this
web page.

From reviewing the allergen statement, the
only product that may contain a fish allergen is the fish sandwich. As the fish
sandwich is not a menu item at this Sonic, Sonic may run local promotions for
fish from time to time.

Best Regards,


David Abney

Sonic Quality Assurance Department

From: Eric Carroll
Sent: Monday, May 18, 2009 3:34 PM
To: Sonic PR; T Lemley Sonic
Partner Net
Subject: Sonic – Allergen

Ominous Sonic Allergen Warning

Ominous Sonic Allergen Warning

Good Citizens at Sonic,

I’m writing to ask about an ominous little warning that I noticed yesterday
afternoon on the Sonic menu board in Bridgeville ,

I was so stricken by the statement, that I took a photo with my cell
phone.  (I’ve cropped to &
highlighted the pertinent information for your reference.)

The warning (as I’m sure you’re familiar with) reads:

containing allergens (e.g. peanuts, fish, eggs, milk, soy, wheat, etc.) are
used in this restaurant and may come in contact with your food or drink.

I’d like to ask why this is so vague.  I can assure you, the
“etc.” at the end is quite ominous for someone that’s deathly
allergic to something like myself.

Some restaurants feature
allergen info. quite prominently
on their websites&menus.  I
would like to respectfully encourage you to do the same in future
re-vamps/revisions of your menu boards & website.

I would also like to ask exactly where
fish is used in the restaurant?  I can’t seem to find any on the menu…
unless it’s in the hot dogs.  (I only suggest this because I have read
allergen information that states that hot dogs may contain a trace amount of
fish and/or shellfish.)

I ask because the allergen that holds me in its powerful grasp is shellfish.

Does shellfish fall under the dreaded “etc.”?  I can assure you,
that if I were to consume some tater-tots fried in the same fryer as a nice
tasty-yet-deadly crustacean, my next destination would be the nearest hospital.

I beseech you to be more forthcoming and informative with your allergen
disclosure policy… and use it as a tool instead of a legal “CYA” (if you’ll
pardon the expression).

I know I’m more prone to dine at and suggest to my friends the places that take
allergies into consideration.  As you may be able to imagine, I have a
very limited selection of establishments where I feel comfortable eating.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the subject!


.seitilibasid gninrael
fo nuf ekam ot ynnuf ton yllaer s’tI


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