So,the was a spike in readers on the 12th, and it’s been going down but still way up from before in every sense.

So, how does one find new readers for a blog like this?  Any ideas or suggestions?

If you’re reading this, and an pass the links on…  I’d really appreciate it.

I need to write back to Mr. Jones.  Perhaps franchise journalism would be a fun venture…  no idea how I could turn that into cash flow though.

Oddly enough, drjohnhayes started following me on Twitter today.  His Bio reads…

Bio Everything franchising. Published author/speaker. How to buy, start, expand a franchise. I facilitate franchise masterminds. Join me!

Weird coincidence?  Maybe.  I dunno though.  Too weird.  His URL links to this site:  Franchise Mastermind

I tweeted @ him to ask advice.  Why not, right?  Although it could have been some sort of SpamBot add or something.

On another subject entirely…  What do you think about me revisiting my Ketchup packets letters?  While I go about it in a goofy way, I really do find this to be a real (albeit minor) problem.  Don’t you?

I keep thinking about  I need to get it going too.  Have any thoughts on what you’d like to see there?  I had originally thought of it as a photo-driven site… but I think stories could work there too.


4 thoughts on “Feedback?

  1. I think you’d benefit more from advertising each time you post on both Twitter and Facebook (eff MySpace, no one uses it anymore. And by no one, I mean me. So, no one.). Also, you are an adept at message boards, so find your target market, find message boards that cater to that market, and post your link.

    Just don’t write run-on sentences, as seen above.


    • Excellent ideas! I have been doing the twitter & Facebook posting… and I have been ignoring MySpace. Run-on sentences love me, that’s one of the many reasons why I have Dave editing for me.

      As you can see, I also have a huge problem with ellipses…

      I have also posted on message boards that I frequent… but finding target ones seems like the way to go. Now to figure out exactly who my target is.

      I really appreciate the feedback and encouragement!


      • I have seen those posts on all the social networking sites we spend our lives on. 🙂

        Off the subject, I like your goofy tag cloud. Is that a widget? I’m having such trouble re-designing my blog that I haven’t bothered to post my links anywheres in months.


        • The Tag Cloud is indeed a widget! I added the goofy myself. Ha ha ha. I liek that it lets you rename stuff. Did you update to the newest version of WordPress a while ago when they offered it? I noticed the widgets seemed to be a little nicer.

          I’ve also been thinking of changing the look around here. The dark background seems to get old sometimes.


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