A little background on my shellfish allergy before I write my next rant of a blog…

Note: I started writing this the other day, and got to a point tonight where it’s so wordy that I’d like it to simply serve as a background to the next blog to show you where I’m coming from, or as the first part to a sort of “To be continued…”

So, Sunday night we had just come home from our 3rd day of Christmas celebration in a row.  Needless to say, we were in a great mood, but pretty tired.  I got online to check my email and see what was up in the world of Facebook, and Yahoo! pointed me to an interesting article from Reader’s Digest that made me wretch in horror and disgust.  This also pointed to several other articles and blogs around the web that divulge the disgusting inexcusable practices of the people who handle your food daily.

Granted, the actions & situations described are certainly not representative of the majority of your wait staff, servers, managers, cooks, chefs, etc. out there… but I find any number of this kind of attitude and described behaviors to be unacceptable.  I was so flustered, I decided to pop some things up on an old message board just so I could sort them out later.  I’m not even sure I’m at a point where they’re all sorted out, but I wanted to get writing while this was still somewhat of a fresh topic to me.  This was initially just an allergy issue to me, but several other side issues have popped up upon further review.  Please, bear with me if I jump form subject to subject before I try to reel it all in.

Generally, I’d like to think that my blogs are mostly amusing… any complaining is usually done within the context of humor, and only marginally serious.  I have used this & other platforms to comment on the state of customer service in the food industry before… generally at the “bottom rung” of fast food places as this is where I usually end up due to dietary needs (no shellfish) and budget issues.

This one, however, is serious to me… and I hope I don’t come off as just ranting, and that the seriousness of these issues is conveyed.

If you know me in person, have dined out with me, or have ready any of my lunacy online… you most likely know what I have a severe shellfish allergy.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, it means that I can’t eat any shellfish, or I go into anaphylactic shock.  Not only can I not eat the shellfish (that’s crustaceans & molluscs including but not limited to ,shrimp, prawns, lobster, crab, crayfish, oysters, mussels, clams, scallops, octopi, squid, snails, and probably even scorpions and pill bugs), but I can’t eat any food that comes into contact with it.  That means, if you cook shrimp on the grill, take it off, and put my steak on  without washing the surface, it’s the same as me eating the shrimp.

I certainly can’t expect the restaurant to clean the grill in between every meal, as that’s certainly not productive on their end… I just usually try to see where the shellfish is prepared, and eat from another cooking surface.  That seems easy enough, right?

I get that it’s my responsibility.  Yes, I’ve had an epi pen.  But I’d really love to not ever have the need to use one.  I’ve even considered getting Allergy Cards, but they seem a little pretentious or something… like my verbal reminder isn’t enough.

Well, getting me in to a place with shellfish is an issue in itself.  Why?  Well in with the aforementioned cooking surface issue… there’s just all kinds of stuff that can run through one’s head.  Like not washing a knife when it cuts one thing then another, shares spaces in refrigerators where things may drip on to other things, places where you might grab pizza toppings like crab meat or shrimp without washing your hands before dipping into the next topping, a friend of mine has even told me he had a piece of shrimp show up in his scrambled eggs at an IHOP once… and I believe the same friend even told me that they had a long and heated argument with the servers at a Chinese place where the ‘vegetarian’ eggs rolls contained crab because “crab is not meat”.  Oops… Death!  (Usually I sadly avoid any Chinese places anyway because of the shared cooking surfaces & probably delicious sauces that can be made with oysters or ground brine shrimp.) This basically makes me never able to completely relax in a restaurant where I’m supposed to be out enjoying myself… it’s an odd paradox.

Generally I can find a safe dish if pressed, and especially if I call ahead… but I need to be in an adventurous mood.

Dining out is an important social activity… a very common social activity that brings with it high levels of anxiety for someone like myself.  Not only from the aforementioned game of Russian Roulette Kitchen Edition, but from explaining my allergy to people.  Yes, anxiety from explaining to friends, family, business associates, your server, and anyone else who may inquire as to why you don’t want to try a great new seafood place or even Red Lobster or Long John Silver’s.  Not only can it be embarrassing where it really shouldn’t be… but it inevitable goes down something like this…

Not me:  “Let’s go to T.G.I. Friday’s”

Me:  “Well, I can’t really eat much there besides a salad or a baked potato.”

Not me:  “Huh?” [Looking at me like I’m an alien.]

Me:  “Well, I have a severe shellfish allergy.  I can’t eat anything like shrimp or lobster, or any cooking surfaces that it touches”

Not me:  “Oh, well just don’t order any.”

Me:  “Well, that’s not enough.  I’ve had a trip to the hospital just from eating onion rings fried in the same fryer as shrimp.  If they have grilled shrimp, I can’t get anythign off of the grill… if they have fried shrimp, I can’t get anything out of the fryer.”

Not me:  “Well, can you get steak?”

Me:  “No, they probably make that on a grill.”

Not me:  “Well, can’t you get chicken?”

[Mind you, I have ad this conversation with seemingly intelligent reasonable people.]

Me:  “Well, no… if it’s grilled, well… we covered that, and if it’s fried… that’s a no go either.”

Not me:  “Well, that sucks.  What about … [Names 400 other restaurants, all with prominent shellfish dishes on the menu]… I don’t think they have any shellfish.”

Me: “No.  No.  No.  Nope.  Unh-uh.  No.  No. Nope.  No… ” ad nauseum.  I suggest somewhere else, usually less “classy” because let’s face it… those are the places with no shellfish.

Not me:   “Sigh, OK.”

[I look/feel like an idiot.]

Then sometimes, one of these gems gets tossed in…

Not me:  “Well, that’s just stupid.  I’ve never heard of that.” or “There’s no such thing as food allergies.”

Yes, because you have never heard of it, I must be wrong.  Off to Joe’s Crab Shack!

Not me:  “My uncle Jim’s wife’s neighbor’s cousin’s roomate’s gerbil’s vet’s dry cleaner’s podiatrist was allergic to jelly beans, and he ate a quarter of a jelly bean and swelled up and went to the hospital and stuff and just kept eating bigger pieces until he built up a tolerance”.

Not me:  “Have you tried it lately?  My mechanic’s wife’s niece’s ex-husband had a neighbor who outgrew his allergy to strawberries.”

First off, this type of behavior is stupid… even if the story is real.  It is possible to build up tolerances (allergy shots), and to outgrow allergies… I am well aware of my limitations and have been told by more than one allergy doctor that my allergy is to great to attempt allergy shots and that I’ll never outgrow it.

My favorite comes from family & old friends…

Not me:  “You used to eat at Long John Silver’s!  You can’t be that allergic.”

I know. It’s WEIRD. I get it. Believe me, I get it.  I ate shrimp like a madman when I was young, and each exposure to shellfish since I discovered the allergy kind of seems like the bee sting thing to me, each “attack” gets worse.  After the last one… I don’t want another one.  But science seems to lean toward this being more random and not a straight road to a deadly end.  I really don’t want to be the guy to solve/prove that one.

And, please… if I do go to a restaurant to eat out with you… don’t orders shrimp or lobster and ask me if it’s OK.  Every fiber of my being is screaming “No, it’s not OK.  What are you, a psychopathic masochist that’s into mental torture?” while I tell you it won’t bother me.  Again, clearly my own demon to wrestle with… but really, do you want to be that person?

Still, I feel pressure all the time to just go with the flow, deal with it, and order a salad.  Believe me, a salad more often may be a good idea in my case.  It’s still just not an enjoyable or relaxing thing for me at that point.  We may be conversing, but I’m obsessing over every unidentifiable piece of everything in the dressing and really not processing much of what you’re saying.  Imagine that I told you there’s a box of rat poison in the kitchen right on the shelf between the flour and the sugar, they’re all in identical unmarked jars and there’s only one scoop used in all of ’em.  Do you wanna eat there?

This is really just to show you where I’m coming from.  I realize that it’s not your problem.  I realize that I have some real issues to deal with surrounding my problem.  I realize that this is not a terminal illness or anything that serious.  I’m not trying to get a pity party going for myself.  This is simply to let you know what’s bouncing around in my mind.

It hopefully won’t be long until my next not-unrelated blog… basically pulling quotes form the aforementioned articles and responding one by one.

I’d really like to hear everyone’s opinions of my rant here… am I out of line?  Over-dramatic?  Illustrative?  Insane?  Do you think like me?  Do you have an allergy?

47 thoughts on “A little background on my shellfish allergy before I write my next rant of a blog…

  1. While I don’t face the same issues as you while dining out, I certainly have a lot of concerns. Even Subway reuses knives without washing them right in front of you…imagine what these people do in kitchens where you can’t see them?! It’s human nature to cut-corners to save time and money. However, such practices lead to cross-contamination of food and while in most cases it is not deadly–it is still absolutely disgusting. I HATE seafood and if I went back to the kitchen of the restaurants I visit regularly and actually watched them cook my steak on a seafood-infested grill, I doubt I’d be able to eat my meal. To me, that is like having a cook taste-testing the food with the same spoon he is using to stir the food. Unlike you I have the ability to allow myself to be ignorant so that I don’t have to think about what vile things my food is going through during preparation. I do not envy you but I most definitely agree with you. You are not crazy–even more up-scale restaurants can be gross. Also, I like your point about there being rat poison in the kitchen…it really makes people think more like you. Good blog, look forward to more.


    • Wait until you see my next blog, ha ha ha. It’s more for the general non-food-industry public, and not just for people with allergies… but I just wanted to express how it makes my already (admittedly self-made) tense situation worse to read things like the ones that I stumbled upon. I just feel like I’m crazy sometimes when I explain my allergy and people just brush it off. I don’t know if it’s their way of coping, or trying to make me feel relaxed, or if they really don’t care… Heh.

      And, I really appreciate the comment right here on the blog!


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  3. I forgot to add… you know what’s funny each and every time I hear it? Jokes about ordering me shellfish, sneaking it into my food to see what happens, or a play on words involving “shellfish” and “selfish”.

    Oh wait, no it’s not.


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  7. Dude you just wrote my life story. I thought I was all alone with this issue. My fav restaurant is armidillo willys (because no shellfish whatsoever) the only BBQ place in the world with no seafood, but of course can’t go there every weekend. When I tell people about my “fishues” I get looked at like I crucified Christ, like I’m freakin crazy. We should go grab a burger bro lol


  8. Unreal. I live this every day. I just had a reaction last week that landed me in the ER and taking a weeks worth of prednisone, after I ordered a vegetarian dish that was promised to be safe. I wrote a bit about it here, on my mountain bike blog. It was kinda off-topic for my blog, but I felt it was important to write about: http://tinyurl.com/y8kjkq9


    • Wow, thanks coldfuture. I really dug the blog post, it can be such a scary thing… but thankfully you’re OK and able to relay your message! I tend to stay away (sadly) from any foreign cuisine for just such reasons.


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  11. I like your rat poison analogy … I may have to borrow that sometime! I can relate to your frustrations about the “not me”s out there… One of my kids has a severe allergy to peanuts, and I get so tired of people saying “Maybe she’ll outgrow it!” umm, research shows only 20% of people with peanut allergy outgrow it, so we aren’t holding our breath on that one.


    • Yeah, “grow out of it” is second only to the “oh, you just have to build up a tolerance” people. They have no idea what we’re dealing with, and never will. Please, use the rat poison analogy! Glad you like it! Ha ha ha.


  12. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs, as well as the posted responses. I think my favorite is the “Me/ Not Me” diatribe of conversations with friends concerning where to eat dinner. I’ve been in the company of those who didn’t think ordering Crab Rangoon and eating it at the bar would be a problem. I’m deathly allergic to shellfish too, and it is so disheartening that no matter how mindful I am of where I eat and stress that there can be no cross contamination between my food and shellfish, sometimes you can’t avoid it. So, I just wanted to give you the heads up that Arby’s cheese sticks are made in a factory that processes shellfish. Also, Trader Joe’s, even its chocolate cake, can also throw you into anaphalactic shock. Thanks for your blog!


    • Wow, thanks for reading, and thanks especially for taking the time to comment! Glad to know there are a few of us out there. Ha ha. How did you happen upon my humble blog?

      How did you learn this about Arby’s cheese sticks? I love those things! Man, I haven’t died yet… but that’s not good. I’ve never noticed that info. on their website.

      I don’t think there are any Trader Joe’s in my area… Do they carry a lot of shellfish products?


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  26. Wow! This is my life! It’s so hard developing this allergy after being able to eat seafood before and learning how to deal. I can’t eat or smell seafood and all your thoughts and concerns while dining seems like you read my mind. It’s so frustrating when people make you feel like you are crazy or overreacting. It makes me feel good to know I am not alone 🙂


  27. You just wrote my life. Thank you!!!! The worst is asian places. I only eat kosher asian bc I’ll know for sure they don’t have shellfish! I dream that one day shellfish goes extinct or becomes outlawed!


  28. Finally! Someone who gets it. My parents think I’m crazy because I obsess over every single thing that I eat. But it’s important to me to stay away from it! I don’t want another problem! If I want only a baked potato then let me just eat that. I like eating what’s safe! Glad someone understands! Praying for you and that you will be able to avoid it!!!


  29. My 9 year old is allergic to shellfish and tuna. We don’t have negative experiences too often, but once in a while, someone will say something that makes me scratch my head. Last week, the deli counter at my neighborhood grocery store had ready-to-eat fried shrimp. We sometimes bring home chicken from the deli counter, so I asked if the chicken are shrimp are fried in the same oil. It is, but apparently it “shouldn’t be a problem” since it’s fried at whatever temperature. Really??? Does high heat transform shrimp into non-shrimp? Allergies are NOT food born illnesses, and it’s dangerous when people assume they can be treated the same way. If deep fried shellfish is unsafe, so is everything (including the oil) that comes into contact with it. With the new addition of shrimp, the deli counter isn’t a safe place anymore, which is sad. Their chicken is better than fast food chicken.

    But, like I said, those experiences aren’t common for us. Fortunately, many of my relatives and a few of my friends work in the medical field, so I don’t have to do a lot of educating in my social circle. And my 9 year old isn’t about to hop in the car and drive himself somewhere to meet a friend for lunch, but some day he’ll have the full burden of making these decisions and educating those around him.


  30. So, I’ve been dating someone not quite two years. Took me to Melting Pot (a high end expensive fondu) he orders shrimp with his other meats and says he will cook them last…. Before we start he dumps his whole plate into the boiling broth. He doesn’t apologize, then begins to berate me and chastise me because I explain I cannot eat shrimp or anything it is cooked with. The pot sits In the middle of the table, you each have a plate of raw meas and vegetables to boil in the pot and eat as you go. On the drive home he calls me a stupid Bitxh and proceeds to yell at me and how I’m wasteful on a 170 dollar meal and how unappreciative I am. And since it’s boiling its fine to eat. And he is a chef and understands food allergies and proceeds to tell me how I’m an idiot. He did this at the restraunt and on the drive home. Wow, just OMG wow! I’m so hurt. I’m not nor have I ever been a wasteful person. I tried to explain and he proceeded to put me down. He spoke so loud people in other booths could hear; and he kept telling our waiter how stupid I am. I’m sick to my stomach.


    • Wow, he’s definitely NOT you ally! I suggest the book “Allergic Girl” by Sloane Miller to help you out with this kind of situation in the future! This guy is an idiot, and could have killed you!


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  33. I know it’s really hard for you not to enjoy the usual Friday night. It should not stop you on doing what you want. There are natural ways that can help you treat your allergies. There are foods allergy and health counseling. Dr. Sundardas would like to help you. He has been treating patients in Singapore especially those people with allergy. We hope that you have time to check our website at naturaltherapies.com or email us enquiries@sundardasnaturopathy.com so we can discuss natural solutions.


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  35. I know this is an older article, but just wanted to say that I identify exactly with your experience. I travel a lot for work and eating out is a constant issue. Thankfully, my Director is very sympathetic (which is a rare first for me), and though he says a lot of the same things you mention, he believes and accepts the reply that I give (which again, is everything you mentioned. If it’s cooked on the same grill, etc. One of the worst anaphylactic reactions I ever had was to something fried in oil that had been used to fry shrimp.) I’m a private person, don’t like making a fuss, etc… but unless you’ve almost been intubated because your throat is closed (not to mention the time it takes to recover from those episodes psychologically – where you aren’t over vigilant and fearful of everything you eat that you didn’t cook), then your criticism/lack of understanding about my allergies doesn’t mean much to me. I don’t want/choose to be the person who is the “allergy educator” of my circle of friends/influence, but it’s just the way it is when you have severe, life-threatening allergies. Could I just take a risk and maybe have to jab myself with a needle (or two) in public while I wait for an ambulance – then pay the critical care bill afterwards? I’d really rather not. I find that most people are nice enough about it once they understand. I also find that many times I just avoid work dinners unless they’re at a “nicer” place (because often those establishments are accustomed to going out of their way for the uber-picky – which is what I feel like some folks think us allergy sufferers are.) Anyway, just my two cents. Also, the reason I even came across this article was after searching “Are there any chinese restaurants that accommodate shrimp allergies.” LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We are not alone! Thabk you so much for sharing your experience. We are out there!

      Have you read the vioc Allergic Girl? It is fantastic. She expresses what so many if us feel!


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