Dormont cracks down on the parking chair

I don’t know why, but I find these stories highly amusing.

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Dormont Police Tagging, Seizing Parking Spot Holders

Posted: 3:31 pm EST March 2,2010Updated: 8:31 am EST March 3,2010

DORMONT, Pa. — Using chairs to save parking spots on streets might be a Pittsburgh-area tradition, but one municipality has had enough.

Dormont police will no longer tolerate chairs on streets.

The police department on Tuesday began tagging chairs residents left to save parking spaces. Chairs that remain on the streets will be removed Wednesday and taken to the Dumpster at Banksville Plaza, police said.

Because of the recent heavy snow, the borough had tolerated residents using chairs to save parking spots, police Chief Phil Ross said.

However, when officers recently went around and put the chairs on the sidewalks, residents promptly put the furniture back on the streets, he said.

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Dormont begins campaign against chairs for parking spaces

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dormont’s police department has declared war on chairs.

Dormont residents who are leaving chairs to ensure parking spaces are saved will find their chairs tagged today and picked up Wednesday, Police Chief Phil Ross said.

“I understand if you spent four hours digging yourself out you tend to get a little possessive,” said Ross, appearing at Monday’s council meeting. He said the department has been tolerant during the past three weeks due to the severe weather conditions. Recently, however, when officers put the chairs on the sidewalk, the residents later stuck the chairs back in the parking spaces.

“Maybe they thought kids were doing it,” Ross said. “The parking spaces belong to everybody and nobody.”

After the pick-up, the chairs will be left near the Dumpster by the salt pile at Banksville Plaza.

The parking chair saga continues, despite the guilt put forth by the parking walker.

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  2. KDKA’s take…


    Mar 3, 2010 7:25 pm US/Eastern
    Dormont Taking Tougher Stance On Parking Chairs


    For many, it is an unwritten, yet unbreakable code of conduct; but at least one community is now taking a hard stance against the parking chair.

    Even though piles of snow are still on the ground, the days of holding a parking space with a kitchen chair are over in Dormont, and those same rules are starting to apply in other areas.

    No matter which neighborhood you may visit, the old chair holding a parking space has become a familiar sight.

    They seem to come out late at night or early in the morning, but some are willing to admit they have put out a chair or two from time to time.

    “I did put it out, yes. I tried not to, but I had to,” said Liz Zalewski, of Dormont.

    However, last weekend the warnings starting going out in Dormont.

    Red flyers were taped to chairs that read: Tuesday, March 2, is the last day you are permitted to put out items to save parking spots.

    “The chair removal started today,” said Sgt. Michael Bisignani, of the Dormont Police Department. “This weekend, officers put them on the sidewalk so residents could take them inside, but half of them ended up back on the street.”

    And now, 30 to 40 chairs have been dumped near the sand pile in Dormont.

    Even though some Dormont residents lost a chair, they were not cited or fined even while breaking the law.

    “You cannot reserve a space on a public street,” said Sgt. Bisignani.

    The bottom line is, no matter how much time and effort you put into clearing a parking space for your vehicle, it is against the law and the chairs are considered abandoned property and could end up being carted away.

    The city of Pittsburgh follows the same guidelines as Dormont, a public street is anyone’s parking space and chairs and other items will be removed.

    Also, like Dormont, the city does not plan to ticket.



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