How do you cook hot dogs?

The other day, I wanted to cook a few hot dogs before the US vs. Canada hockey game to enjoy along with some nachos, cheese, & jalapeños.  These are the things I like to get when I have the opportunity to get out to a Pens game, and thought they’d be fun (and cheaper) to enjoy at home.

My outdoor grill is currently out of commission until I get some new knobs for it that won’t melt, and I really didn’t want to fire it up to cook 3 hot dogs anyway.

So, I thought of how to cook the hot dogs…  Microwave?  Oven?  Toaster Oven?  Foreman grill?

So many decisions.  So, I did some Googling and found an article about 6 different ways to cook a hot dog.  There are certainly more than that.  I never really put that much thought into cooking hot dogs.  They’re not even one of my favorite foods.  Usually they only come out when the grill is already being fired up for hamburgers or we have some sort of campfire or bonfire going.

I ended up cooking the dogs on the Foreman grill, not the best idea – even given the recommended cooking times.  They blackened more than I’d like on the outside, & were not quite done on the inside.

I should have slapped them in the oven or toaster oven.  The microwave is just “eh”, and boiling is just out of the question… although I might try boiling them in beer some time as the one article recommended.

I’d just like you to tell me , in the comments section below – how you cook your hot dogs.  I may post a wrap-up and make a list much longer than six methods  at some point if I get enough of a response… and may cook them a goofy way for the chili cook-off.

8 thoughts on “How do you cook hot dogs?

    • Hmm. I’ve never pan-fried one.

      The crescent rolls thing is awesome. I especially love when it’s the tiny ones… although, I probably eat way more than I need to that way. We also did this successfully over a campfire when I was a cub scout.


      • Comments from this post on Facebook…

        Dave Warren
        March 4 at 1:01pm ·

        Walt Gebicki
        Mostly grill, I only boil them if I have a pot of sauerkraut going.
        March 4 at 1:21pm ·

        Dominic Douglas Bartolomucci
        foreman grill! the boil in beer idea sounds interesting tho
        March 4 at 1:34pm ·

        Eric Carroll
        Yeah, I guess the point of this is “other than the grill” H ah aha. I’m trying to make a list… If you guys can, pop up suggestions over on WordPress…
        March 4 at 7:40pm ·

        Dave Warren
        If I can’t grill them, I’d rather not have them.
        March 4 at 8:24pm ·

        Trista J. Lookabaugh
        My grandpa fries them in a skillet with a little oil.
        March 4 at 10:13pm ·

        William Carroll
        My 2 favorite methods are either boiling them, which gives them that street vendor taste and texture. Or slice lengthwise almost all the way through and fry them in a skillet with a bit of oil. The third option would take a bit of hunting… in the early 80’s they made a hot dog cooker that was essentially a set of spikes that you put on either end of a hot dog and then they were cooked by sending an electrical current through them.
        Fri at 8:45am ·

        William Carroll
        Update on the third method. The name of this device in the Presto Hotdogger.
        Fri at 8:49am ·

        Darrin Nichter
        Anybody ever see the movie “The Great Outdoors”? You know what those things are made of??
        Your Aunt cooks them in sauerkraut with keilbassi and makes dumplings to go with them.
        Fri at 9:36am ·

        Eric Carroll
        Dave – Probably the best idea. No campfire hot dogs though?

        Trista – Do they turn out “normal” that way?

        Billy III – That thing sounds crazy!… See More

        Darrin – That would be why I don’t eat ’em that often…
        Sat at 6:03pm ·


  1. Grill first, pan fried second. Microwave is a distant third though, especially when I really don’t want to wash anything additional afterward.


    • Yeah, general consensus is a grill. I may put together a list of “alternate” ways to cook a hot dog… or maybe be ridiculous and try to reach a big number. We can certainly beat 6.

      I know there’s ways to cook on a car engine… there’s home versions of those roller-things seen in convenience stores…

      I think you could steam a hot dog, right?

      How do they cook them at places like drive-ins and the zoo where they come wrapped in foil and it looks like they were cooked together with the bun in foil?


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