This is why you can’t have nice things…

The other night, the wife & I were on a grocery gathering trip to the new Giant Eagle Market District in Robinson, which has an awesomely clean & new interior, helpful friendly employees, and really nice prices.  (I got a Giant Eagle brand ham for just 99¢/lb.!) That’s the inside of the store.

On the outside of the store… the crosswalks are clearly marked (although wholly ignored by the Yinzers), there are nice sidewalks in between rows of the parked cars so you don’t have to walk down the driving lane (but people do anyway), and there are many many places to return your shopping carts.  This is the one that prompted me to write.  I took the following photo with my cell phone…



What is wrong with you, people?  Is it that hard to walk the cart back up the the front of the store, or to the nearest cart return?  Is this driven by arrogance or laziness?  Are you too good to take the cart back up?  Too important?  Your time to valuable?  Are you too lazy?

I get that the Market District employees should also be trolling the lot looking for these things to clean up… but if the Yinzers had any common decency, this wouldn’t happen in the first place.  Shame on you, this is how the pace will start its eventual slide donwhill until it’s just another crappy grocery store with employees who don’t care and customers that look like they rolled in some dirt before getting up & going inside.  Take some pride in your city and the businesses in it, you dumb Yinzers.

This is why you can’t have nice things.

21 thoughts on “This is why you can’t have nice things…

    • Very odd. I typically have to approve most comments. A few that have commented before (like you) can comment automatically. I get an email when a comment is posted or needs approval… nothing hit my inbox yesterday indicating any comments.


  1. I always return my cart and even rearrange the carts to put mine back just for the good karma that keeps the rogue carts from crashing into my car.

    On another note, you could have skipped the comma in the sentence, “What is wrong with you, people?” The object of the sentence is “you people.” haha


    • Yeah, good karma is never a bad thing. It’s just indicative of a larger looming break-down of society when people feel that rules don’t apply to them.

      One guy up there on the same day was parked facing the wrong direction on the wrong side of a parking lane… blocking in some handicapped spaces and actually standing beside his car smoking & pacing, while his kid sat in a car seat the back seat. Of course, I drove up that lane, it took forever to get around him… when I did I was in the wrong side of the lane, so people were honking angrily at me… And of course, no one uses the clearly marked cross-walks… they walk in the middle of driving lanes like they have the right-of-way no matter where they are as a pedestrian.

      And, with the grammar issue… Wouldn’t either be acceptable? If I’m using “people” as the collective that I’m addressing rather than the object? 🙂

      e.g. “What is wrong with you, Dave?”


      • Yeah, I just generally feel that there is some serious potential for a major collapse in the fabric of our society. Everyone has been just getting more and more selfish and believing that things are “owed” to them anymore.

        As for the grammar issue, your example is not like your original statement. When you added my name to it, you changed the inflection of the whole question. I can’t recall the exact terminology, but it is different. The “you people” is referencing a collective within the two words. Putting the comma there makes it seem to stumble when I read it. Maybe I’m wrong. Here is where I would usually just defer to someone like Kristin. 🙂


        • Parking lots drive me insane. There’s a clear set of rules set up that are blatantly ignored by everyone. Sure, I drive over the middle of lines, but never park in non-parking zones or specially designated spaces unless there’s a ridiculous snow issue to deal with. As much as I’m all about freedom & the government leaving you alone… rules like that ought to be enforced much more strictly. Lower taxes, & let these idiots’ fines pay for things. If I knew there were strict monetary penalties for breaking rules, I’d imagine I’d be less likely to break said rules…

          We may have to consult Kristin on the comma issue.


  2. Hi guys!

    Dave’s original thought is correct. “You people” is the object of the ire in the sentence, not just “people.” The “you” should remain linked to it, therefore you can omit that comma. It’s not a hard and fast rule, but that tiny little punctuation mark can make the sentence a little clunky. For clarity’s sake, I wouldn’t include it. I would have added an exclamation point, however, to drive home the anger: “What is wrong with you people?!” (That wouldn’t be accepted in a formal paper, but hell if it isn’t fun on the Internet.)

    Eric’s example of “What is wrong with you, Dave?” doesn’t work because “Dave” is a proper name. In most cases (always in directed sentences like that one), you’ll need a comma when addressing someone. You’re not exactly addressing the aforementioned “people,” just indicting them without their knowledge.

    Grammar depends a lot on your level of fussiness. Both with and without the comma are technically correct, but it’s always better to shoot for clarity in your writing.


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