Functionless art is simply tolerated vandalism. We are the vandals.

Peter Steele Well, if reports are true this time, Peter Steele is Dead. Type O Negative keyboard player Josh Silver has confirmed and are all over it.

Joel Gausten has a pretty good story to share, among many others.

I got into Type O negative around the time of Bloody Kisses, and really enjoy all of their stuff.

My favorite things about Type O Negative is the humor.  Yeah, they were dark, slow, scary, goth, depressing… but they knew how to laugh at that.

The After Dark video is probably one of the funniest music related movies that I’ve ever seen.  I wish more bands were able to poke fun at themselves, the image, and the scene seamlessly and with such success.

In fact, I’m going to have to look for that on DVD or something, as I have no idea where my VHS is right now.

Hopefully Dimebag Darrell & Peter Steele are throwing trays of food from the green room at each other right now wherever they are.  Or maybe they’re throwing them at Jimi Hendrix, Joey Ramone, & Elvis.


4 responses to “Functionless art is simply tolerated vandalism. We are the vandals.

  1. Music is supposed to be fun. Type O Negative was proof of that. It’s a sad day.


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