Amusing Search Terms..

WordPress gives me a list of search terms that somehow land people on my blog.ย  I find some of them to be rather amusing.ย  Thought I’d share…

  • annoying allergies poster
  • bells pizza, welli hto zs
  • chili cook off flyers
  • crayfish disgusting
  • directions on how to cook more than 6 pi
  • food network, food allergies
  • foot domination
  • fun way cook hot dog
  • functionless art is vandalism
  • functionless music
  • hard rock cafe + allergy awareness
  • how do street vendors cook hot dogs
  • how to cook totino’s pizza in microwave
  • level of participation chart
  • marinades using yuengling
  • microwaving more than 6 pizza rolls
  • one time gusture
  • pizza hut moon
  • sahta claus in.
  • sonic food ingredients/allergy info
  • soy milk dangers
  • star wars mixing
  • strange ice cream formations
  • taco bell friday
  • totinos pizza rolls allergens
  • turner dairy iced tea bird
  • what do pizza hut produce?
  • what happens to people who eat shellfish
  • what is the shellfish in taco bell
  • what kind of oil do you cook hot dogs in
  • what your poop is telling you
  • where can find dark lord
  • why do people boil hotdogs
  • why does pizza make me poop
  • wikipedia mcgangbang
  • yinzer

Heh.ย  Weird.

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