Subway bows to cheese tessellation pressure!

Looks like the infamous Left-Handed Toons comic about cheese placement on Subway sandwiches has finally paid off.  No longer will you have to suffer soul-crushing disappointment at the hands of so-called “sandwich artists”!  Well, at least in Australia.

I saw a tweet from Digg that captured my attention this morning, which lead to a link that I couldn’t follow… so I had to Google “Subway Finally Agrees to Tessellate Cheese” and it paid off.

This came from Gawker:

Gawker | Subway Finally Agrees to Tessellate Cheese

This came from The Consumerist:

The Consumerist | Subway to Start Tessellating Cheese

This is the word from Left Handed Toons:

Left-Handed Toons Blog | Cheesy Victory

(Click each photo to check out the source articles…)

Hopefully this wave of geometrical correctness makes its way to the shores of the states soon, and maybe they’ll figure out a way to not use one knife for every sandwich and even a way to stop flinging little creamy bits of death all over the place!  I may have to start bugging my old contacts there once again.

6 thoughts on “Subway bows to cheese tessellation pressure!

  1. There are sandwich building training materials??? I never saw any sandwich building training materials during the 2 months I worked at a subway!

    Of course, that also might have been the franchise owner’s fault. He also bounced my paycheck… he was not the most on-the-ball kind of employer.


    • Hmm… Not a shock. I guess the standards really are all up to the owner/operator/managers or whoever does that sort of thing. You’d think a corporate representative would be in to check on things periodically.

      I never worked in a Subway, but I did hang out in the back of one with friends when I wasn’t supposed to be there. They had little posters… and a big one in the back that showed how to make every sandwich.

      The one-knife-for-all-sandwiches thing is just nasty to me… even if they do wipe it over & over with the same dirty cloth…


    • Not until July 1st in Australia or New Zeland!

      If one where to tessellate the cheese before that date, I shudder to think what would happen.

      Perhaps a social experiment where you go in and ask the sandwich artist to tessellate your cheese by special request is in order.


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