too late

I still find search terms amusing.

By far, the most hits I’ve been getting are still for the Sprint short code issue.  You’d think they’d have that ironed out by now…

9230 message failed
9230 message failed msg 1051
9230 sms sprint blocked shortcode
codes to get old text messages through s
devil short code (Ha! Scary?)
how to unlock short code texting on palm
how to unlock short codes? i have an unl
international text not working on sprint
message failed short code may have expir
message failed. short code may have expi
message failed. shortcode may have expir
msg 1051
not receiving my alerts from my banks sh
short code texting may be blocked on you
shortcode blocked on sprint
shortcode texting blocked sprint
shortcode texting may be blocked
shortcode texting may be blocked on my a
sms error 9230
sprint message 1051
sprint message code 1051 from 9230
sprint msg 1051
sprint put a subject in sms to email
sprint short code radio station problem
sprint unblock shortcode text
text message failure shortcode may have

Movies are big, apparently…

“the experts” 1989
baby: secret of the lost legend
goonies chinese
wierd movie photos
willow film
wilow movie
dark crystal wikipedia

What movie?

a movie from my childhood

Star Wars related?

star wars blu ray
dark lord of the fifth

Looking for inspiration?

3d idea

No longer being made, but people want it!

yuengling bbq sauce
yuengling marinade

Excellent GN’R demo/bootleg:


I’d go to the Dormont Boro website:

how to get parking permit in dormont, pa

Yes, it is

kuhn’s dirty

Pizza Hut, your pizza still turns people’s guts into water slides:

pizza hut hot cookie dough allergy info
pizza hut makes me poop
pizza hut pie charts
pizza hut sauce
sam-e and gastrointestinal distress


ssa cheese tesselation

Looking for a job, or for the person?

store manager giant eagle cochran road

What is “Dark Lord Day“, and why are there photos?

dark lord day 2010 photo album

I hate the Flyers too:

how to get rid of fliers at your cook ou

Is this going to make me search for it too?

classical cosby lost fecal tirade

So ominous:

too late

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