AllergyEats | Allergyism?

I know “allergyism” isn’t a word, but it ought to be.  I haven’t blogged directly about food allergies in a while.  In this case, I don’t even really feel the need to rant.  It’s done with a touch more class by the people at AllergyEats, so I just wanted to share a link to their blog, along with a few excerpts…

…how do I handle a wait person’s rudeness when he or she tries to belittle my request in a loud enough voice to catch the attention of the rest of my dinner companions? (“Oh, it only has a little butter – what’s the worst that can happen?”)


“Bottom line: if you have a sensitive allergy that will send you to the hospital or kill you, don’t eat out.”

Yes.  We should also be chained in the basement, not fed after midnight, kept out of bright light and not allowed to get wet.

“Allergens are proteins.  People are not allergic to potatoes and tomatoes.  This is just neurosis.”

Would you like to speak with my Allergist?

Making people feel special through this kind of a**-kissing is one of the services that a restaurant can provide to people who need it, but it’s not a service that I want to provide… Some people tell me that they’re deathly allergic to something and that I have to make sure it’s not in their food.  I kick them out.  I don’t want to be responsible for anyone’s life-or-death situation.  I tell them they should go eat at a hospital.

That guy is an assclown.

At any rate, check out the article, and the NY Times article that it’s talking about.

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