Women in rock?

While on Tumblr, I found an interesting post that I just couldn’t shut up about…

It’s about women in rock.  I dug the sentiment, but I dunno if I agree with the premise.  So, check out the original

The girls onstage. The ones who might never play a major tour, the ones trying to grab some attention in a shitty bar, the ones who hear “show us your tits,” the ones who had better be traditionally attractive or no one wants to hear what they have to say, the ones who scream lyrics to a crowd…

(read entire post)

and my thoughts:

I enjoyed this post, but is it really still unfair for women in rock n’ roll?  Some of my favorite bands are The Eyeliners, The Donnas, The Teen Idols, and Dance Hall Crashers… all successful women in rock.  Even locally, we have the Motorpsychos… I certainly wouldn’t mess with them.  And, one of my favorite locals was Sing the Evens, Play the Odds.  I never once thought “Oh, there’s girls in this band, so I’m not going to take them seriously.”

I think all musicians are objectified to some level, no matter their gender.  My wife would jump Bret Michaels in a second if we weren’t married and he wasn’t a giant walking STD.  A guy screaming “show us your tits” is pretty much on par with a teenage girl yelling “I love you” to Justin Beiber… just slightly more vulgar.

A female friend of ours once asked my wife about me “Doesn’t it get you hot to see him up there with a guitar?”  Her answer was a resounding no… but apparently it got our friend excited.  Ha ha ha.  Should I be insulted?

What do you think?

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