Snuff is probably my favorite band.  I know virtually nothing about them, and every time I think I have a pretty damn close-to-complete collection of their stuff, I discover that I’m all kinds of wrong.

They seem to have different titles for the same songs.  They have different recorded versions of many songs, which I really dig.  They sing in Japanese and I think other languages sometimes.  They have incredibly nonsensical album and song titles.  I’ve never seen them live.  They do a ton of crazy covers, and it’s hard to tell that they’re covers sometimes.

When I look them up on Wikipedia, I realize that there current/former members list is incomplete.  I can only seem to find scraps and tidbits of information pieced together from outdated label sites.  I don’t really know anything other than that there was an original formation, a revival, and a few changes since then… with Duncan Redmonds seeming to be the only constant.  I have n idea why there were lineup changes.

There used to be an awesome site,… but it fell into the stagnant  perpetual “updates coming soon” mode before it disappeared completely.  I tried to start a Yahoo! Group, but there aren’t many of us on the list.

I know that there’s a seemingly infinite number of spin-off bands including (but not limited to) Guns ‘N’ Wankers, Dogpiss, Billy No Mates, Southport, Your Mum, Pot Kettle Black, URIN-8, and the list goes on.

Maybe I dig them more because they’re still  a mystery?  I really do enjoy actively earching for information about the seemingly now defunct Snuff & the related bands… especially whatever Duncan Redmonds has going on at any given moment.  Maybe I’ll get it all sorted out some day.

Check out my Snuff playlist on YouTube:

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