Rum and Tylenol PM

What is wrong with people?

Did you read this one?  Uniontown woman guilty of trying to get daughter pregnant.

This is messed up, and reminds me of that old X-Files episode where they found the house full of inbred mutants, and the kept the limbless “mother” on a rolling cart under the bed.


2 thoughts on “Rum and Tylenol PM

  1. That episode of X-Files was called Home. It was supposed to be taking place in Pennsylvania and was only originally run once. It was pulled because it was found to be too offensive. It surfaced later, but was skipped in the initial reruns.

    Anyway, people suck.


    • Yeah… that episode was nuts. It was based on a rough horror movie script. I know it creeped me out enough to where I still think about it from time to time.

      Ah…. Pennsylvania.

      People do suck.


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