“games with pet gremlins” ?

I’m easily amused, I thought I’d share some recent search terms that brought people to my little corner of the internet.

“ernie and the berts” (We’re famous!)
“f.u.n. the ass” gardy loo lyrics (A humorously offensive song… look it up!)
“john maher” “activist”
admiral snackbar
advertisement letter
allergen signage
allergen warning signs
allergen warning signs for display
allergy to pizza hut cheese but not othe
alliteration examples about food at wend (…an advertising agent?)
american community survey
american community survey 2010
american community survey penalty
american community survey reviews
american community survey scam
an alliteration about lunchtime (…the Wendy’s guy?)
annoying people with allergies  (That’s me!  Google was spot on here…)
arby’s dipping sauce
baby: secret of the lost legend
best way to cook hot dogs without a gril
boba invoice
books about letters
childhood favorite movies
chili cook flyers
colonel sanders spaceballs
consumer satisfaction regarding pizzas (Oh boy, they need to read ALL my blog posts…)
data vs. c3po
death taco (…Would be an excellend band name.)
does dunkin donuts products have crustac (…ians?  See!  I’m not the only one.)
does title 13 require the census be sent (According to the Census Bureau, yes.)
dunkin donuts allergy information
e.t. mimozemšťan (Google Translate identified it as Czech? Translates to “E.T. Alien”)
eagle guitar korea (I really wish I could find out more about these guys.)
ellajones@us.mcd.com (Comes up all the time… perhaps a Google News crawler?)
fail blog about wendys food
fail blog wendys review
fails wendy reveiw
fallout shelter bridgeville (Wrong town if you’re looking for the venue…)
fart domination (Would be a great punk band name… but what the holy hell was this person searching for?)
food allergy massachusetts
galveston b.b. stone (I really wish I could find out more about these guys.)
games with pet gremlins (Not Marco Polo…)
giant eagle shop n save cheaper
giving up on   (Why did this come to my blog?)
how to cook totino’s pizza rolls without
ice formations crazy
inbred rape limbless mother (I hope this is about that X-Files episode.)
john maher pa
kuhns vs giant eagle (Spoiler alert: Giant Eagle wins.)
lactose intolerant to pizza hut
little billy’s letters charles manson
macdonalds ‘domination’
making a revenge of the nerds costume
mcdonalds “bog card”
message 1051 (Still a royal pain in everyone’s ass.)
mog spaceballs
mutant crocodile (…Why did this bring you here?)
my life at mcdonalds (_____!)
old fashioned buttermilk
original trilogy
pacific shrimp taco taco bell did it sel
penalty for not recycling canonsburg
pictures shellfish allergy (…Anaphylaxsis fetishists?)
pizza hut allergy
pizza hut guidelines for sanitation (Here they are: _______ )
pizza hut ingredients 2010
pizza hut sauce contains fish (…It does?)
pizza hut, allergy info
pizza rolls totino’s
pizza the hutt
r2d2 knit hat
rep john maher
scott bergren pizza hut email
scott kausky (Scott is good people!)
search ella.jones@us.mcd.com (Comes up all the time… perhaps a Google News crawler?)
shortcode 1051
shortcode error on phone
snyder of berlin vs snyder’s of hanover
square guitar (Rules!)
star wars tessellation (You mean Subway’s cheese tessellation issues… or Star Destroyers, tessellated?)
subway competitor
taco bell store emails
totinos pizza rolls microwave directions
trick or treat my dog scared the crap ou
waltham, ma. wendy’s sonnnnnnn (Got the munchies?)
we are the vandals
we gettin tiered of punkrock blink 1082
wendy’s sonnnnnnn, waltham, ma
what if i dont fill out the american com (See title 13…)
why does pizza make me poop? (I don’t know, but it makes me poop too.)
wookie leia boob (The best band name ever?)
план ада чистилища и рая данте (Google Translate identified it as Bulgarian? Translates to “Plan chistilishta hell and heaven Dantb”)

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