A Maze…

So, I drew a maze today.  I started these when I was quite young.  I would draw them a lot while I was in the hospital with pneumonia or bronchitis.  I continued to draw then with decreasing frequency all throughout high school, and maybe just a few here & there since then.  I ought to do more of these.  They’re quite relaxing for me.

I’m hoping that a few of you at least will print one out & have a go… then maybe send back the completed one?  If you’re really brave, try it in Paint or Photoshop.  Ha ha.

12/11/20 Maze

Clicking on the maze should take you to the full-size image.

4 thoughts on “A Maze…

  1. I always thought it looked like intestines. Maybe even brains. But penises?

    Whatever floats your boat, ha ha.

    If you want to print it, trace the penises, and send it back, that’d be cool too.


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