School Board/Food Allergy Obsurdity in Illinois

This is ridiculous and an outrage on many levels.!/AllergyEats/status/24449565625163776

Please read the article at Allergy Eats (originally from Kelly the Food Allergy Mama), and let them know what you think.  I’ll be commenting later most likely, after I’ve had time to gather some thoughts.

Apparently these people didn’t hear or care about Katelyn Carlson, who is in their own state.

I too, balk at government legislation on allergy issues, with the possibility of reaching too far… but really… all this legislation is calling for is a policy covering some instruction on food allergies, and maybe having some epi pens on hand.  I would guess that these programs could be subsidized by pharmaceutical corporations looking to get their name out there and possibly better their image.

2 thoughts on “School Board/Food Allergy Obsurdity in Illinois

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