What do you call this hat?

I don’t think any other article of clothing causes so much confusion or has so many names.  I’d guess the official name is “tuque“, but we always called it a “beanie”, “skullcap”, or “tossle cap”.


What do you call this kind of hat?

Wikipedia lists all these alternatives under the tuque entry…

  • knit hat
  • knit cap
  • sock cap
  • stocking cap
  • watch cap
  • skull cap
  • skully
  • snow hat
  • snow cap
  • ski cap
  • tossle cap
  • woolly hat
  • chook
  • beanie
  • toboggan

I had a friend on Facebook recently call it a “snooki”.  How many nicknames is Wikipedia missing?  I was always annoyed by calling it a “toboggan”… isn’t that a sled?

At any rate, what do you call it?


17 responses to “What do you call this hat?

  1. I’ve always referred to them as beanies.
    I don’t understand the need for 20+ names for them…


  2. I grew up with “stocking cap” but now I use tuque (or toque?) because I’m a poser wannabe Canadian. I’ve heard tousel cap (maybe from “tassle?”) and toboggan cap too (on M*A*S*H it’s Major Winchester’s Christmas gift from home).

    I always thought a beanie was more like a yamulke, though. Like a propeller beanie.


  3. I’ve always called them stocking caps, tossle caps, or winter caps. To me, a “beanie” was always the propeller version of this one: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beanie


  4. Even growing up close to the Canadian border, I’ve never heard of half of these, or atleast never paid attention. I assumed everyone called them beanies. I thought a stocking cap was what Scrooge wore with his Jammies.


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  6. “Stocking hat” or “Knit hat”. Caps are billed baseball caps IMHO. I’m from Virginia, but parents were from Missouri & Florida, so I’m not sure which regionalism applies.


  7. SNOOKIE! Maybe I’m just crazy but everyone I knew in high school called them that. So I do too. Such a lemming, I know.


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