The #FoodAllergyMomArmy

So, if you follow me on twitter, you may have seen me use an odd hashtag; #FoodAllergyMomArmy

“What’s a Food Allergy Mom Army“, you ask?  It’s what happens when you ask your twitter friends about air travel and Epi Pens.  I was served with an onslaught of what would later become known as nagtweets, demanding that I get a 2nd Epi Pen, and that I carry it on the plane, not in my luggage.  Most all of my replies were from moms of kids with food allergies, some with food allergies themselves.  Even though I bet we’re around the same age, I had an instant army of adopted moms looking out for my well-being.

I’ve received advice  & support on food allergies from other sources on the web, but they’ve increased exponentially since I’ve joined Twitter.  Now, I use twitter to keep in contact with other friends, and to follow fun stuff like music, Star Wars, Fringe, & local Pittsburgh stuff… but it’s definitely my go-to resource for Food Allergy support.  That’s support on many levels… whether it’s information, advice, or sympathy.

So, if you’re on Twitter, and you have food allergies, check out my allergies list, and the #FoodallergyMomArmy will eventually make themselves known.   (Maybe the’ll even comment here.)

14 thoughts on “The #FoodAllergyMomArmy

  1. Awww, shucks! I’m all proud of you (as a good mom should be). I do love the community and support on Twitter, though and really enjoy all the different personalities that can be brought together over this one common interest – the one none of us wanted. And I will PROUDLY claim introducing the term “nagtweet.” 🙂


  2. Oh yes, you know we will comment here! Twitter is a great way to have a virtual support group for people with food allergies and/or those who care for them. As a proud member of #FoodAllergyMomArmy, I find I both give and receive advice from my fellow “tweeps” & “twistas”. Keep spreading awareness Eric! You are a great voice for those with food allergies!


  3. I laughed so hard I snorted something out my nose the day I first saw your #foodallergymomarmy hashtag! I tend to lurk around a bit, but you can count on me to nagtweet you even if I’m not officially enlisted!


  4. Twitter is my #1 source of allergy support from others that “get it”. Love having a place to seek support, informed opinions, vent, and generally blow off steam. Because managing food allergies can build a little steam on occasion. And the #FoodAllergyMomArmy? We’ve got your back.


  5. We are glad to make you an honorary member of the #foodallergymomarmy 🙂 I love twitter for support and education. The #foodallergy tweeps are a wonderful group of people that I can count on for education, support or a shoulder and of course an occasional nagtweet .


  6. Heck ya we’ll be commenting! Great post Eric. I love the support we have on Twitter. We, the #FoodAllergyMomArmy got your back!


  7. I agree!!! I never imagined how much wonderful support is on #foodallergy twitterverse 🙂

    I have met so many caring, understanding people who deal with the same things that our family does usually with a variation on the theme.

    My #twistahs (food allergy twitter sisters lol) are my sanity in a crazy, nutty world!

    I am so glad that you found this great group 🙂


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