Our weekend of dining in PA Dutch country

Well, if you’ve been keeping up, you read about my plan for our trip, what we did on our trip, and maybe even the email from the Amish Village owner.  This one’s all about the food.  We ate a lot while we were out that way, but we didn’t hit the regular buffet/smörgåsbord places like Miller’s or Dienner’s.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know about my shellfish allergy.  Buffets can be a nightmare for someone like me… not only do I have to worry about cross-contamination in the kitchen (like on shared cooking surfaces, utensils, or fryers), but I have to worry about my fellow slovenly patrons carelessly flinging bits of deathfish on to adjacent foods, or better yet inadvertently dropping some off of their plate while at a different table.  No thank you.  No worries though, with the internet I was able to do a lot of research ahead of time on shellfish-free and allergy friendly restaurants.


Prince Street Café
Prince Street Cafe on Urbanspoon Prince Street Cafe on Allergy Eats Prince Street Cafe on Facebook Twitter | @PrinceStCafe

Classic Breakfast Sandwich on Ciabatta

Classic Breakfast Sandwich on Ciabatta

The continental breakfast at the Super 8 in Lancaster was lacking, so we decided to check out the Prince Street Cafe first thing on Saturday morning.  We were quite glad that we did!  I had an email exchange going on before our trip with the manager that put me totally at ease.  I noticed there was no shellfish on their menu, but I emailed them to be sure.  It ends up that they do occasionally have a seafood soup and it would be in-house while we were there, but I wasn’t worried about the cross-contamination there after hearing how it was prepared and seeing that they acknowledged food allergies on their menu by offering gluten-free and nut-free options.  I can’t stress enough what a relief & pleasure this type of email exchange was.

The place was packed and we got there shortly after 9:00am.  The line before us went quickly & there were thankfully menus posted prominently in two places near to where you order.  My wife & I both chose the classic breakfast sandwich on ciabatta, I opted for the addition of bacon.  I also had an iced tea, and added some honey which was available on the counter… which made it absolutely perfect.  The sandwiches were great, the eggs were cooked perfectly (by a microwave of all things, I think), the cheese was beautifully melted & the ciabatta was nice & fresh.  I dug the nice slab ‘o bacon too, it didn’t overpower the sandwich.

All-in-all, this seemed like a great place to hang out.  The employees were friendly, there was a really diverse crowd, it was very relaxing.  We’ll definitely be back next time we’re in the area, perhaps for a lunch or even just some coffee.

Jakey’s Amish BBQ
Jakey's Amish BBQ on Urbanspoon Jakey's Amish BBQ on Allergy Eats Jakey's Amish BBQ on Facebook

Turkey Sandwich w/ Mild BBQ Sauce

Turkey Sandwich w/ Mild BBQ Sauce

I hadn’t  seeked-out Jakey’s before our trip.  I did find a business-card sized ad in the giant tourist brochure display wall in our hotel.  I saw the word BBQ, and it was all over.  I mean, I do love BBQ.  I did find a menu online before going in, and again no deathfish, but I did do the usual awkward asking if there is/was every any shellfish prepared there before ordering & after looking over the menu.  After a no from the waitress, a confused look, then a double-check with someone in the back, we were good.  My problem in general with BBQ joints is that I want everything.  Thankfully they usually have sampler or at least combo platters.

Since we were there for lunch though, and doing some touristy running-around, I came to the sad realization that I shouldn’t fill up on BBQ.  I opted for the barbecue turkey sandwich with the mild sauce, and my wife went for the chicken sandwich.  Sadly, you don’t see a lot of turkey BBQ ’round the ‘Burgh… so I was glad to have that as a choice.  I had a side of fries, & Bethany got the macaroni salad.  My sandwich was delicious.  The turkey was nice & juicy, and there wasn’t so much sauce that you couldn’t appreciate the taste of the meat.  I did grab the spicy BBQ sauce that was provided on the table… for the sandwich & for some french fry dipping.  It wasn’t really all that hot for being the “spicy” sauce, but it was really good.  I’d like to try the other meats & the Carolina-style sauce…  Maybe some corn fritters instead of the fries?  We’ll be through again when we’re back that way!

Added bonus, it had a real BBQ joint kind of vibe… it shared space with a T-shirt shop that sold all kinds of stuff, from religious to raunchy.  The tables had that red & white checkered pattern tablecloth, and there were while plastic outdoor type chairs.  The guy behind the counter who I must assume was the owner or at least a manager was very cool to his employees who seemed new, telling them they were doing a good job.  He even sent out extra fries for us, apparently there weren’t enough on my plate when it came out!  Ha ha.  Our waitress did quite well, especially if she was new.  The order was correct, quick, and we had sweet tea refills without even asking.  Add this place to my list of favorite BBQ joints!

Stoltzfus Farm Resaurant
Stoltzfus Farm Restaurant on Urbanspoon Stoltzfus Farm Restaurant on Allergy Eats Stoltzfus Farm Restaurant on Facebook

Family-Style Meal

Family-Style Meal

Now, this place was just incredible.  Again, I checked out the menu online beforehand, and asked the hostess about shellfish when we arrived.  No deathfish in sight (or hidden in the kitchen), so I was good to go.  It looks like a  quaint little farmhouse with a beautiful garden on the outside, and once inside it doesn’t really lose that farmhouse appeal.  We were seated in a room off to the side with smaller tables, as large tables filled the front room (& I believe around back) and were full of mostly families with a bunch of children.  Our waitress could have played Granny in the Tweetie & Sylvester cartoons if they were to be made into a live action film.

On the way in the door, you opt in for (& pay for) the buffet, and then if you make it through that, you can order desserts à la carte.  We didn’t make it to dessert.  Why?  Well, they managed to stuff me full of literally everything on the menu.  I actually had everything too.  It was quite comforting to not have to worry about any cross-contamination or hidden ingredients… and it helped that everything tasted perfect.  first they brought out applesauce, pepper cabbage (a kind of cole slaw with red bell peppers & a vinegar dressing), chow-chow, and apple butter w/ white & wheat bread.  It was my first time trying chow-chow, and I loved it.  It tasted like bread n’ butter pickles, but was a mixture of cauliflower, carrots, green beans, cucumbers (pickles), kidney beans, and maybe peppers and onions?  Next, she brought out everything else…  Fried chicken, sausage, hamloaf, green beans, corn, buttered noodles, potato stuffing (I’ve heard it called potato filling), & sweet potatoes.  All their meat comes from Stoltzfus Meats, right next door.  The fried chicken was excellent, the breading was perfect & the chicken itself was delicious & succulent.  I could eat potato stuffing all day… I mean carbs + carbs, covered in carb-filled gravy?  Yes please.

I could go on, but you get the point.  If you catch me on a craving & a free day… I just might drive out there to get a meal & come right home.  It would be worth the drive!  I wish I had room for the tapioca pudding.

Wawa on Urbanspoon Wawa on Facebook Twitter | @gottahava

Steak & Egg on 6" Ciabatta

Steak & Egg on 6" Ciabatta

It’s odd mentioning it with the other places, but we did eat breakfast there.  I’m from the other side of the state where we have Sheetz & Get·Go… so of course I had to try a Wawa.  I’m a huge Sheetz fan, and had it in my head that I already liked Sheetz better.  I may be wrong.  The girl that made our sandwiches was really friendly, and offered to help us with the touch screen if we needed it.  (We must have appeared to be n00bz while we were blipping through checking out the entire menu.

My sandwich not only ridiculously large, but they eggs were really fluffy.  I think the menu said something about them containing cheese?  Whatever they do with them, it works for me.  I got a steak egg & cheese sandwich and it was delicious.  Wawa has the same problem as Sheetz & Get·Go as far as wrapping sandwiches though.  No matter where I get touch-screen gas station food, there’s always more sauce/ketchup/dressing on the outside of the bun than the inside.  You’d think that someone would have come up with a solution for that by now.  Perhaps it’s a tie.  Maybe Sheetz is still my favorite.  It’s pretty close though.  (Luckily, there was no deathfish on the menu, so it’s a safe place for me if not classy.  Ha ha.)

Strasburg Railroad Trackside Café
Strasburg Rail Road - Trackside Café on Urbanspoon Strasburg Railroad on Facebook Twitter | @StrasburgRR

Turkey sandwich, hamburger, & fries...

Turkey sandwich, hamburger, & fries.

We stopped here to get some lunch after the first train ride of the day at the Strasburg Railroad.  It was an OK cafeteria-style kind of joint, sadly cash only.  I checked out the menu when we got in there, & did ask if they ever cooked shellfish.  I was told they didn’t & felt safe.  I got a turkey sandwich & Bethany got a burger, and we shared some fries.  My sandwich was pretty good… but Bethany wasn’t a big fan of the burger.  The fries seemed a little old for some reason.  I think we both wished we had just went back to Jakey’s.  Ha ha.

Overall though, I guess we got what we paid for, it was a nice cheap quick & convenient lunch.  I did like the fact that they had up signs warning about the use of peanut oil for those with peanut allergies.  For a family attraction & with food allergies on the rise, this is a responsible thing for a business to do.

Splits & Giggles
Splits & Giggles on Urbanspoon Splits & Giggles on Allergy Eats Splits & Giggles on Facebook Twitter | @splitsngiggles
First off, best name ever for an ice cream shop.  Secondly, the guys that own & run the place are very cool.  I also can’t believe I didn’t pause to take a photo of the ice cream.  This was another place that I had scouted-out beforehand, and found through either Urbanspoon or Allergy Eats.  I saw that their menu was devoid of deathfish, so I sent the now standard just-to-be-sure email.  They had a soup containing seafood, but it hasn’t been in-house for a while… so I was safe.  These guys were really cool via email, and even dropped me a line about special hours for that Sunday when they noticed I didn’t stop in on Saturday.

I was hoping to make it there for a lunch or light dinner topped off with some ice cream, but as it happened we were heading home well after lunch & way before dinner, so we decided to ruin dinner & just have some ice cream.  It was a good call.  I had a hot fudge sundae in a waffle bowl, and Bethany went for rocky-road in a pretzel cone.  The ice cream was great, and the place was really cool.  It had a nice neighborhood vibe.  They even took a bowl of water out for some customers who were outside eating some ice cream whit their dog.  Next time we’re in the area, I’d like to get in & try one of their panini sandwiches.  They get bonus points for the line “Please alert us of ANY food allergies or concerns you have before ordering.” on their menu.


Well, that was all of our meals while on our road trip.  I won’t include the Hardee’s that we hit on the way home…  it’s probably best for them if I don’t comment.

Ever been to any of these places?  Let me know what you think!

8 thoughts on “Our weekend of dining in PA Dutch country

  1. Ok, I HAVE to ask this….obviously you’ve done quite a bit of research for this trip and seem to have enjoyed your culinary experiences around the Lancaster area. So, why on earth did you stay at the Super 8?? Lancaster has the largest concentration of B&B’s in the eastern US. There are more than 150 to choose from, 101 of which are listed on Trip Advisor (see Lancaster County listing on TA).
    Had you stayed at a B&B (and I’m sure had you thought of it, you would have also researched it well), you would have discovered yet another culinary delight of Lancaster. B&B’s are not just a place to crash for the night. Best of all, you can be assured that there would be no cross-contamination of your food (we can cater especially to those with dietary restrictions and special rerquirements).
    It also appears from reading your very well-written blog here that you enjoy getting to meet the owners of the establishment where you’re dining. Another plus for the B&B!
    Perhaps you were worried about the cost of a B&B. Again, nothing to be concerned about there, either. Of the 150+ establishments here in Lancaster County, there is certain to be at least one that meets your budget needs.
    I sure hope that if you return to Lancaster you’ll consider staying at a B&B.


    • Yeah, that’s a good question. Ha ha. We thought about a B&B, but in looking at places to stay… Super 8 was less than half the price of the B&B’s that I had looked into, and I’m seriously afraid of any included meals anywhere because of the cross-contamination thing. Plus, I wanted to try some area restaurants… We still didn’t hit up everywhere that I found ahead of time.

      For me, the decision was all price driven. We didn’t spend any time at the hotel other than sleeping & showering… so I didn’t feel the need to pay for anything that I wasn’t using. Also, my general philosophy on weekends away is that we’re there to check out the area, not the inside of a resort or hotel. I mean, there’s certainly times for that if that’s the goal, but… $65/night for a room through priceline.com vs. $150 (on the low end from what I saw) for a B&B… that’s the price of a quillow from an Amish farm, a meal, and admission to one of the area’s many museums or attractions. I’d rather see my money go further toward entertainment/souvenirs than to what surrounds me while I’m asleep.

      We did discuss staying at the Red Caboose next time we’re in the area, just because… really, where else can you do that?

      I checked out the link for the Walkabout Inn, and it looks absolutely beautiful. If we were looking to spend the time with something like your romantic couples massage package, and had $500 in the budget for a vacation, that would be great. I’m positive that this whole trip for us came in way under $500… including gas, lodging, food, entertainment, & souvenirs.

      Have any suggestions for B&B on a budget in the area?

      (Also — Thanks for reading & taking the time to comment! – How’d you find me?)


  2. Found you on a link posted by PA Dutch Travel on Facebook. You’re a great writer! Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend on a budget! If you’re looking for a less-expensive B&B in Lancaster (around $100 or so – remember, it includes breakfast, which would probably cost you $20 – $30 at a restaurant) try Walnut Lawn, Blue Ball, Furnace Hills, Kromers, Kimmel House, Beiler’s or Flowers & Thyme. You can search more at http://www.authenticbandb.com
    I clicked on the “Super 8” link you have at the end of your blog and read reviews/comments there as well – most people liked the location, but said that the place was dirty.
    Another thing to think about when considering where to stay is that at a B&B, you have a superior concierge right there! Innkeepers can tell you the best places to eat, shop and have a good time (and where to do it on a budget). Additionally, you might just run in to a diehard Steelers fan or two! 😉


    • Thanks Lynne, for the read & the comment/question. I appreciate that you took the time to provide some feedback, and I’m glad that you think I write well!

      We’ll have to give B&B’s a chance next time we’re in the area. $100 per night would be OK budget-wise, although I’d always like to come in under that if possible. We even thought about camping in the area to save a buck or two.

      I’ll have to take a look at http://www.authenticbandb.com/ next time we’re looking for a nice relaxing weekend.

      I have to say though, call me cheap if you will, but if breakfast costs me $20 or $30, I’m in the wrong restaurant… or I’d better be being fed by a naked woman or eating unicorn steaks and ostrich eggs.

      As far as the Super 8, I feel that we got what we paid for, all the minimum expectations were met. Our room & bedding were quite clean (Trust me – I’m picky), but the hallways looked to be in some sort of disrepair, and lacking good signage (lobby this way, Ice that way, etc.). It was almost as if they were remodeling at some point, then stopped.

      I put a review on Priceline.com, but it’s not there yet. I suspect is because I booked 2 nights through priceline/booking.com, and the hotel itself only had us down for 1… and I said that in the review. Luckily, the woman at check-in helped us out even though they were over-booked and made sure that our room was indeed secure for the 2nd night. That right there shows a courteous & caring staff. Every employee that we saw from people behind the desks to people cleaning the rooms was quite courteous and always greeted us with a hello and a smile.

      The location of the Super 8 was excellent… it was literally right in between all of the attractions that we had planned to see in the area.


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  4. Turkey BBQ is dreadful. I can’t believe anyone would eat that on purpose. It’s like, take delicious turkey meat and cook it till it’s flavorless. Then put it on a bun with catsup. WHY DEAR GOD WHY???


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