This won’t REALLY kill you, will it? Let’s see…!/FoodAllergyWalk/status/106727780493959168

Truth.  Adults too.  Just sayin’.

...but they didn't warn us about the rednecks....

Let′s sprinkle some on you to see what happens…

The link points to this article: 8 News Now | Children with food allergies often face skepticism

Check out some of my favorite quotes…

When Bela Mehta’s toddler son was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy, she carefully explained to her parents and in-laws that ingesting even the tiniest amount of peanut could cause a life-threatening reaction.

Yet when the grandparents came over to babysit, Mehta would come home to find that they’d brought over desserts that contained peanuts, or that they were continuing to make dishes containing peanuts using her blender.

“I said, ‘If it was labeled poison, or cyanide, would you still bring it here?” said Mehta, a mother of two who lives in Chicago. “That’s how dangerous it is to him.”

What planet are these people from?  Seriously.

Nearly 6 million U.S. children — or about one in 12 kids — are allergic to at least one food, with peanuts, milk and shellfish topping the list of most common allergens, according to research published in Pediatrics in July.

That’s a lot of kids, which will be a lot of adults in a few years.

Peanuts can cause a severe, potentially life-threatening reaction known as anaphylaxis — wheezing and trouble breathing, vomiting, swelling, persistent coughing that would indicate airway swelling, and a dangerous drop in blood pressure.

No big deal, right?  Sounds like it’s worth the risk of just licking a peanut…

Some parents described incidents in which family and friends had deliberately given their child nuts to test if the allergy was real.

Yeah.  Read that again:

Some parents described incidents in which family and friends had deliberately given their child nuts to test if the allergy was real.

Jail time.  That’s all I’m sayin’.  That’s like saying that you shot someone just to see if it would really make a hole in their guts.

There should be no question about that, said Dr. Ruchi Gupta, an associate professor of pediatrics at Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago who studies food allergies.

“Peanut allergies are very life-threatening,” Ruchi said. “Kids with a peanut allergy can have shortness of breath. Their throat closes. Their blood pressure drops and if not treated immediately, it can lead to death.

Go, Dr. Gupta, Go!

Families also reported feeling stigmatized and socially excluded, while children reported teasing. Other kids would say, ‘I’ve got nuts and I’m gonna come touch you’,” according to the study.

I’m going to resist the temptation for a joke about a different kind of nuts.

The article goes on to include the lighter side of things, but I’m ranting.  Go read the full thing if you know what’s good for you.

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