New AllergyEats App

So, I’ve blogged about Allergy Eats many times before.  You know I think it’s an awesome resource, but can only be useful if users rate restaurants.  Now, it’s easier than ever to do… with new iPhone and Android apps!

AllergyEats Apps!

AllergyEats Apps!

AllergyEats T-shirt

You can read the word from Allergy Eats about the release here or get the app you need here.

Paul from AllergyEats is good people, he recently donated to FAAN for my Food Allergy Walk in Pittsburgh!

I encourage you to spread the word to anyone that you know with food allergies, so we can all take advantage of the awesome ever-expanding database now available anywhere that you can get cell phone service!!/AllergyEats/status/108896162949496832!/allergicgirl/status/108895739429658624

9 thoughts on “New AllergyEats App

  1. Interesting, too bad it’s for such a limited number of allergies. I did take time to request for mine: agave.

    I hardly ran into it for most of my life but today’s “no HFCS” and no sugar/ no artificial sweeteners movements means companies are reaching for low-calorie, “natural” sweeteners. Sadly, they don’t put AGAVE on the label (I have actually seen blue agave on something and leapt back from it). They say “sweetened naturally.”

    I drank a Vitamin Water and ended up almost dying. Fun stuff. No more VW for me–ever. Typically, I drink my own spring water from home (live on a family farm) but you know, you’re out, you grab something. Bottled water tastes gross to me, so I grab something else and that was a bad lesson to learn!


    • Yeah, I’ve talked to Paul of Allergy Eats on several occasions regarding breaking things down per allergy. It’s something they’d eventually like to implement, but would need more users/time to get into that. From what I understand, there currently aren’t enough groups of people using it in every major area where it would make sense to split into smaller allergy-specific rating groups.

      With the introduction of this mobile app, it will definitely all change. I predict a large jump in users & ratings.

      If you see the form on the main page of the website, it says “If you don’t see your allergy click here.” & there’s a nice writeup there:

      Even if your specific allergies are not listed on the home page, we think you’ll still find AllergyEats to be immensely valuable.

      That’s because our ratings reflect overall allergy-friendliness – in other words, how well restaurants accommodate individuals with food allergies or intolerances in general. The specific allergy or intolerance is not a critical factor.

      We ask for an individual’s specific food allergy or intolerance for a simple reason: to assign an extra rating based on others with similar concerns.

      Currently, there are 10 major food allergies and intolerances on the list. We hope to include more in the future. By filling in the additional boxes below, you can have a direct influence. When we have enough members with a specific allergy, we’ll add it to the home page and generate extra ratings for it as well.

      Thanks. Your feedback is critical to our success!
      Suggest Additional Allergies:

      There’s a nice form there, I encourage you to submit your allergy, as you’re surely not alone!

      Like it says above, the overall focus is on the restaurant in general for now. I used the app last night & noticed that a Chinese place near me is rated with a 5 in accommodating a wheat/gluten allergy. Obviously, with a shellfish allergy… I’m not going anywhere near the place.

      I guess we’ll all have to use the site along with our own Spider-sense for the time being. I look forward to it expanding, & I’m glad I’m on board now!


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