Imaginary Misfits/Ramones Cover Band Set List

So, a while ago… I stated in “print” on Facebook that I’d like to start a band that covered Misfits and Ramones songs… as well as some from the various related bands.  If this were something that I actually had the time to do, these are the songs I’d want to play:

Ramones vs. Misfits

Ramones vs. Misfits

I’d obviously like to play guitar, probably like to sing some.  Maybe it can be a project that plays once or twice a year around Halloween or something.  Maybe it’ll never happen.  I’m sure there are some glaring omissions in my list.  What songs do you like?  What would you add to the list?  What would you skip?  Would you come see this?  Would you want to be in the band?

If you’re crazy, check this out:

If you’re awesome, check this out:

17 thoughts on “Imaginary Misfits/Ramones Cover Band Set List

  1. Me and John Alioto have a plan to someday start a Ramones tribute band called “Banana Affair.” The gist is that we play only the Ramones songs that nobody likes (ie She Talks to Rainbows and Censorshit). AND we’d wear banana costumes.


  2. I would be down to sing the Ramones songs as long as we only play out a few times a year and I don’t have to drive to Pittsburgh regularly to rehearse. I’m easy, huh?


  3. I didn’t read the entire thing until after I posted that last comment, and now I see that you’d only want to sing “some” and play out once or twice a year. Wow, that’s kinda hilarious, ummm… so, what do you think?


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    • Ha ha, I love “Bop ‘Til You Drop”! It’s quite dark and brooding. Ha ha. “Garden of Serenity” would be another good one… it’s fun to hear the ones that aren’t the ones that every punk band and their mothers have covered.

      Thanks for commenting!


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