22 thoughts on “We need a detective with Batman-like skills.

  1. I wrote:

    From: TurserUser@h20.mynex.net [mailto:TurserUser@h20.mynex.net]
    Sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2011
    To: guitar support
    Subject: Inquiry from Jay Turser Web Site

    Here are the results from a Jay Turser Website form submission on October 26, 2011
    The user’s REMOTE_ADDR is and the HTTP_HOST is http://www.jayturser.com

    name | Eric
    email | my.email@ddre.ss
    address | XXX XXX XXX XXX
    city | Pittsburgh
    state | PA
    country | USA
    zip | 00000-0000
    telephone | 000-000-0000

    comment | Hello,

    Recently while looking at guitars on the web, I came across your Jay Turser JR V-19 Mini V [http://www.jayturser.com/jayj/jrv-19pak.php] and the headstock caught my eye. I have been trying to track down the manufacturer of a Batman Logo guitar that I recently purchased on ebay.

    I wrote a blog about it here: https://aixelsyd13.wordpress.com/2011/10/18/we-need-a-detective-with-batman-like-skills/

    The guys ta the Guitarz blog have tried to help me out here: http://guitarz.blogspot.com/2011/10/holy-unknown-chinese-made-guitar-batman.html

    I was wondering if you could tell me if you guys make your own necks/headstocks, or if you order them from somewhere… or even if you’re the ones who created this crazy campy axe? Thanks! I really appreciate your time & help.

    Rock on!

    Tehy wrote:

    From: guitar support
    To: “my.email@ddre.ss”
    Sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2011
    Subject: RE: Inquiry from Jay Turser Web Site


    There’s really no way for me to know. They are all Chinese import models, various factories have been used for a few models, there are probably 200 discontinued samples and former models that I have no information on honestly (We took over US distribution about a year ago).

    Detailed specs of import samples and prototypes just aren’t kept unless it goes into full production, even then all specs are not always without change, etc…

    Sorry, I’d like to be able to help you but I don’t’ really have any resource for a research project like this.


    Jay Turser Customer Service
    444 E Courtland St
    Mundelein IL, 650060


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  12. Hey i won one of these yesterday at six flags
    pretty easy i thought i was gonna have to win twice and trade in those prizes for it sorta thing but nope
    it was a knock all the bottles down kinda thing sept you got to use a heavy mental airsoft gun to fire a foam ball to knock three bottles down
    all you had to do was aim at the bottom of the top bottle and the tops of the bottom two and hope your accurate
    i won it on my third try
    5 bucks for 2 trys
    it was the six flags in the bay area in california
    they also had v-neck superman ones and spider man i think
    the other prizes were those big $50 angry birds plushies
    if i had more time and money i would spend all the geting more but unforgivably it was 2 prizes per day to it must be pretty easy for others


    • Thanks for taking the time to comment, & congratulations on your win! It’s not a stellar guitar, but you can get it set up at a local guitar shop. It’ll most likely need a new nut. I’d love to know where they were made.

      I might have to hit up a Six Flags some time & try to win another one!


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