☠ Good Halloween Movies?

The Monster Squad

Monster Squad

I have a bunch of stuff I wanna blog about, but I need the time to sit down & do it.  [I have some goofy World (and Lunar) Domination ones coming up, some half started… that seems to be what grabs more readers/comments.]

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This one is relevant & easy to knock out because of the time of year.  I was trolling through Netflix on the Wii the other night, trying to find a good Halloween-ish movie to watch.

Cover of "Shaun of the Dead"

Shaun of the Dead

My wife is scared easily, and wasn’t in the mood for House of 1000 Corpses-like gore or Alienlike “Ah!” jumps.  (I still can’t get her to watch Silence of the Lambs.)  I was thinking The Crow, maybe Monster Squad or Shaun of the Dead.

I thought of a bunch that weren’t available for streaming, like Wolf and Teen Wolf or even Beetlejuice.  I found myself unable to think of campy other spooky fun.

Help me build a go-to list of all of us who are too old to remember good scary/funny/creepy movies like Ghostbusters, Batman, Zombieland, Fido, Edward Scissorhands, etc.

Roku XDS


While we’re on it, does a streaming service other than Netflix offer these movies, or am I going to have to start trolling the cheap DVD/Bluray bin at Walmart?  Maybe I just need to get a device like Roku that streams Amazon movies.

What movies make you want to mentally escape in front of the blue glow of your TV under a warm blanket on a cool October day?

6 thoughts on “☠ Good Halloween Movies?

  1. I just watched Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow today- although my opinion may be slightly skewed as it is Tim Burton + Johnny Depp. 🙂 I know I try to watch E.T. with Zoe around Halloween time as well, even though it’s not really creepy at all. And yes, I still cry when he goes home.


  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sleepy Hollow. It’s already in my Netflix queue, but only available on DVD. E.T.‘s there too, same thing. Stupid Netflix. I find their lack of content disturbing.

    E.T. is a good Halloween film though, it has aliens & candy! (Although, have you ever seen Mac & Me? Product placement & aliens aren’t always a hit combo.) I never did see the updated “guns removed” version of E.T. because the concept is just ridiculous.

    Ever seen From Hell? It’s another good creepy Depp movie, although Rotten Tomatoes says it sucks.


    • I may have to try some of those out! I do love a good viewing of an old film every now & then… although new stuff has ruined me for the slow pacing.

      I remember watching Rosemary’s Baby and just. wishing. it. would. end.


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