How tweet it is to get snubbed by you.

These guys are proving to be more fun than McDonald’s.  I present to you a Twitter play in 5 acts, as presented by Boston Market, Panera Bread, some innocent tweeter, and W(aL)D.!/W_a_L_D/status/132090788963287040!/panerabread/status/132099108910534659!/bostonmarket/status/131823222076354561!/W_a_L_D/status/132091440221265920!/bostonmarket/status/132142083619295232

Heh.  In other news…  Maybe McDonald’s in Atlanta is more fun:!/McDonaldsATL/status/132085874212085760!/W_a_L_D/status/132090024530419713!/McDonaldsATL/status/132171232266305536!/W_a_L_D/status/132176153325735936

advertising saturation

One thought on “How tweet it is to get snubbed by you.

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