Epi Pen Bill! (The School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act)

I haven’t written about food allergies in a while.  I would think that Epi-Man would be pleased with this post.  Check out this article about legislation being brought forth to give easier access to epinephrine auto-injectors and their administration by school staff.

EpiPens are portable epinephrine-dispensing de...

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Read all about the The School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act at the FAAN website.


Image by raindrift via Flickr

I’m not big on the gub’ment micro-managing… but how can I not get behind this?  I’d like to see something like this eventually passed for restaurants too.  Why not have one more step in keeping kids & adults safe?

Yes, the act is aimed at kids with food allergies… but us adults are out there too.  What if a teacher, administrator, janitor, nurse, or anyone else on site has a life-threatening food allergy?  This kind of thing could come in handy for all of us out there.

Keep watching the news, I hope this gets passed soon and without any political shenanigans.



6 thoughts on “Epi Pen Bill! (The School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act)

  1. Very cool! Great not just for food allergies, but all other allergic reactions, too. First step in saving lives is prevention. Intervention is next and should be readily available. Epis and AEDS need to be out there and available. I’m definitely behind this!


    • Ha ha, thanks! I’d love to see it in restaurants too. I’m sure you’ve seen anaphylaxis first hand, and understand the urgency & severity. I can’t even fathom the fact that a teacher isn’t currently allowed to jab a kid with an Epi-Pen. Ridiculous.


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