Guitar stereotypes are always fun:

So, where do my favorite toys fall on this amusing scale from Gearpipe? | Trustworthiness of Guitars Scale | Trustworthiness of Guitars Scale

I do have to say…  I don’t get why the Prince guitar is for repugnant individuals.  I guess if you’re not Prince, it is a goofy axe to sling.  I am glad that the boring Washburn/Jackson/Ibanez shape is all the way on the left though.  I just can’t get behind them.  I’m not sure why the oh-so-common Les Paul and Stratocaster shapes convey any level of trustworthiness of the player.  Perhaps I’m over-thinking.  This is quite amusing nonetheless.

Seriously though, I can’t find any of these…

Dewey Decibel FlipOut

Dewey Decibel FlipOut

Galveston - B.B. Stone

Galveston - B.B. Stone

Six Flags Batman Guitar

Six Flags Batman Guitar

If you’re quick and lucky, you can win a copy of this poster from Guitar Noize.

17 thoughts on “Guitar stereotypes are always fun:

    • Heh. At least you exist. Also… that Jackson/Washburn/Ibanez shape shows up twice… granted with different setups… but why such a difference in perception? I don’t get why the Strat & Les Paul are “brother from another mother”/”trust with band money”.


  1. It’s funny that the most trustworthy guitar is the Jerry Garcia model.

    This pic does make me want an Explorer, another Flying V and possibly a doubleneck though…


    • I actually had to look that up. I had no idea what it was. Never trust a hippie.

      You might as well get a double-neck.

      I always thought if I bought a bass I’d want a Thunderbird. I think I can rock the Explorer-type shapes… but I would just look silly with a sweet-looking Warlock… which aren’t on this scale.

      Also, I’m drawn to the Fernandes Ravelle lately.


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