I find search terms rather amusing.

I know I’m odd, but there are some real weirdos out there.  What is wrong with you people?  Check out these search terms that have landed people here at my humble little corner of the internet:

Search Terms for 7 days ending 2011-12-20 (Summarized)

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2011-12-13 to Today

Search Views
lorisandra72@yahoo.com (Scammer!) 9
maze 6
batman joker 5
peter steele 4
goofy 4
difficult mazes 3
how to wash your hands sign (Apparently some of you still need this, at least you have Google.) 3
mcdonalds offer letter 3
amish beard cutting attacks cnn mugshots (lol.)
complicated maze w/ traps 3
john simson hearing impaired (Scammer!)
mazes 3
batman 66 cast 3
us.rop.mcd.com 3
gremlins 3
batman logo guitar six flags (I’d love some help here people!) 3
movies from my childhood 3
гитара (What?  Oh – “Guitar.”) 3
thomas lloyd 2
star wars death star in firing range 2
fart in math (popular!)
peter steel 2
amish beard cutting post gazette(lol.)
cartoon mouse trap dynamite 2
kai kennedy locksley 2
nutley brass ramones 2
world and lunar (Someone looking for me?) 2
debbieswill@gmail.com 2
star wars logo saber 2
lg arena standing/seating plan 2
ella.jones@us.mcd.com 2
#1 washing your hands is the #1 important thing in history 2
kmartfeedback.com (try the “http://” at the beginning, or read this.) 2
flow chart buy more guitars (yup.)
weird guitars (yup.) 2
subaru vs batman (Batman fighting a car? When did I blog about that?) 2
the old batman movies 2
incessant (Who, me?) 2
nude mrs claus (Still don’t blog nudes.) 2
ewok zombie (Click here.) 2
help@customerservice.kmart.com 2
war games joshua 2
paul smith food scam (Bastards are out there…) 2
snooky hats ke a tobogin 2
meatloaf topping 2
“clean water action” pittsburgh sucks (Yup.) 2
washing signs tie 2
star wars christmas death star it’s a trap 2
carrie janota panera (Searching for yourself?) 2
panera vs bostone market (Panera still hasn’t replied.) 2
dave highfield, penn state blue band 2
google southeast asia disbursement center 2
scott kausky mcdonalds email canonsburg (Searching for yourself?) 2
80’s movies 2
remove sprint short codes 2
drunken santa 2
googlegiveawayteam 2
gizmo gremlins 2
c-3p0 data 2
“erin faulk” (Searching for yourself?) 2
fart math (popular!)
ort danzig 1661 (What?) 2
difficult maze 2
universal monsters scenario 2
list of van halen songs with intros 2
leonard part 6 cast 2
pizza mazes 1
lourem 1
causes of allergens poster 1
sally wiggin mark madden (Was this an image search? Sally rules.) 1
pizzahut maze (Those bastards never wrote back either!) 1
shirt azrael rising 1
crystal skull vodka 1
please wash and dry your hands sign 1
nudes as santa claus 1
fart volume equation (popular!)
fart and math (popular!)
woolie cap 1
how to unblock shortcode texting with sprint 1
3472 × 2604 – yeah, you know the ones—-they’re skate shoes or in my book: poser shoes.  (You actually searched all of that?  Why?  What did it bring you to?) 1
reason why to stop playing guitar 1
passive aggressive notes marney thanksgiving 1
google 13th anniversary giveaway sweepstakes draw 1
arthur suydam samhain 1
best intro guitar 1
the misfits glenn danzig 1
gremlins cast 1
wash your hands guide signs 1
ticket #: 899-633/uk-11-001 with cgp # as/my/0010/011 drew lucky #: 9012-2449-4041(17) 1
watch cap wiki 1
lightsaber cheese cutter (Is there one out there?  I want one!) 1
the fish sendwith from mcdonald is bad 1
jelly wars domination (Um…) 1
santa bartender 1
dog domination (Um…) 1
wanted cheese ball 1
=http://0.gravatar.com/blavatar 1
amish ohio 1
feedback training@us.mcd.com 1
с днём рождения бэтмен (That’s “Batman Birthday” according to Google Translate.) 1
scott bergren email id (Searching for yourself?) 1
zakk wylde meme 1
batman guitar pick 1
satan vs santa 1
what does it mean message failed msg 1051 1
the evolution of batman 1
underwears through history (Why did this bring someone to my blog?) 1
mrs moon nudes 1
googlegiveawayteam.asia@shqiptar.eu 1
goonies fat kid 1
lunor jonny depp 1
kyle dine (Kyle rocks! Check out www.kyledine.com!) 1
satan in santa hat 1
izzy stradlin wears a hemet (Are you asking?) 1
hand washing procedures poster 1
excuse me i eating (& Googling.) 1
fender g ii e 1
4coloring.wordpress.com 1
googlegiveawayteam.asia 1
mr paul smith food order spam 1
employees must wash hands sign free 1
crazy discount double check meme 1
kuhns on banksville road (A dirty dirty store.) 1
“local celebrity” “has food allergies” 1
tim bendig (Searching for yourself?) 1
andy biersack batman tattoo 1
john maher state rep conservative 1
allergen warning signs 1
9230 shortcode texting 1
boba fett dragon 1
stop hand washing signs california (Wait, don’t wash your hands?) 1
scrotum domination (WTF? How would this bring someone here?) 1
cars parking lots google earth 1
giant eagle marketplace signs 1
ihop gluten free 1
1051 error message sprint 1
funny math equations (popular!) 1
lori sandra baker (Dirty scammer) 1
doyle von frankenstein and jerry only 1
batman foods 1
foxtrot thermostat comic 1
world.and.lunar.domination (That’s me.) 1
death star cheeseball 1
google uk office 13th giveaway sweeptakes 1
asian retching picture (WTF?) 1
elf in someones ass (WTF?) 1
you tube musicmustard pigs rock punk (What?) 1
sprint short codes 1
google asia give-away lotto 1
chinese new year proclamation governor rendell 1
batman else worlds 1
fart equation (popular!)
didn’t panera used to put mustard on the smoked turkey  (Yes, until they decided it was bad for you.) 1
funny guitars (That’s me.) 1
sprint msg 1051 1
luci butler trans siberian orchestra 1
message failed. shortcode may have expired or shortcode texting may be blocked on your account. msg 1051 1
star wars holiday special easter egg 1
message failed. shortcode may have expired or shortcode texting may be blocked on your account. 1
vincents park pizza verses vincents greentree (Almost as hot as the Aiello’s vs. Mineo’s debate.  I still need to blog about part 2…) 1
sonic allergen info 1
warwick davis the phantom menace 1
star wars movie night 1
gizmo being sad 1
death star cheese ball 1
ramones vs danzig 1
wendy’s on west liberty 1
gitarre bb stone (Did you find it?  Why no comments? 1
guitar world top 100 guitar solos 1
“na.ko.com” “dear mr” 1
allow me to apologize 1
chik a fil a polite(The employees maybe.)
lorisandra 72@yahoo.com 1
places that ship provel cheese 1
at help@customerservice.kmart.com 1
coal black poop 1
c3po dj 1
michale graves vs jerry only 1
luci butler trans-siberian orchestra 1
help@customerservice kmart.com 1
roger tullgren 1
lunar pawn 1
recipe decadent scalloped potatoes (Did you try/like them?) 1
gremlins gizmo film still 1
hello my name is john simson 1
hetfield santa 1
taco bell allergy warning 1
letter from mcdonalds 1
dingleberry man in the middle attack (What?) 1
star wars blu ray easter eggs not working 1
dan kish panera chef (Searching for yourself?) 1
tossel cap with pom pom 1
lit cigarette guitar (Did you find it?) 1
monster squad stream through netflix 1
the batman and joker part 1 movie pics 1
eagle instruments 1
scallop potatoes recipes “corn starch” 1
yuengling lager sauce (Bring it back!) 1
is long john silvers okay to eat if you have a peanut allergy 1
domination puss (Ew!) 1
meatloaf with cheese and ketchup 1
cooks.com hot dogs in beer 1
noreply@fritolay.com 1
people upstairs doing (…doing what?) 1
m 1
arby’s bronco berry sauce 1
guitar girls thumbs (Is this a “tye 3 random words into Google” game?) 1
police officer james burke 1
dead lobster 1
functionless art 1
dhl domination 1
snookie cap 1
sonic menu allergy 1
dormont chief of police 1
black n white disney goofy tattoos 1
functionless art is simply tolerated vandalism. we are the vandals. 1
f__k. telina mcdowell north van slut (I have no idea what in this string of incoherence would have brought you here.) 1
how to unblock shortcode texting 1
chord avenged lips of deceit 1
6 flags batman guitar (Hello? You guitar people need to leave comments.) 1
purple hand ernie (Huh?) 1
shamrock murphys 1
yoda you will be 1
santa playing guitar 1
google asia give away team 1
why gavin thorn is an ewok (Who is Gavin Thorn, and why is he an ewok?) 1
free mazes to print (Please, send me some completed ones!) 1
dropkick murphys fenway skeleton party t shirt 1
how do they make hot dogs at arenas 1
kuala lumpur,malaysia. office of the lottery funds 1
pizza images 1
farming with dynamite, 1910 1
korean girl with guitar (Very specific tastes?) 1
dewey decible flipout guitar (Why are you guitar searchers not leaving comments?  Let’s talk about these things!) 1
tumblr domination para seguir 1
square guitar (Why are you guitar searchers not leaving comments?  Ask me about ’em!  Show me yours!) 1
what does msg 1051 1
what is the equation of fart (What is the meaning of life?) 1
santa asshole (Someone’s on the naughty list.) 1
little girl butt showing (I can assure you, none of that here.) 1
http://www.the trans siberian orchesrta.com 1
what was “the dumbest idea ever” ? 1
snooki ski hat 1
new wendy’s west liberty 1
sprint message 1051 1
sock monkey beanie hats 1
phantom pooper letter lamebook 1
afaa.org archive 1
where can i buy the eric clapton t shirt in adventureland 1
star wars holiday special” “cartoon pictures” 1
dingleberry cartoon (I’m afraid to Google this…) 1
electric roaster dressing recipe (Did you try mine in the crock pot?) 1
panera galleria mt lebanon general manager 1
cristmasstory 1
whats the common history of snyders of berlin and snyders of hanover (Denial.) 1
kmart in snail ville 1
“the explorers” commodore 64 1
rare vandals song 3:24 1 does not like recipient 1
buy more guitars flow chart 1
data vs c3po 1
batman guitar 1
dentist gas domination (Seriously.  WTF?) 1
usa dupont com 1
does w g grinders have a gluten free menu 1
Unknown search terms 51

Please, if you found what you were looking for, leave a comment.  If you didn’t…  You can comment on that too.  Let’s interact.

With the email addresses… think it’s people Googling themselves, or people entering an email address into a search bar thinking they’re sending an email?

2 thoughts on “I find search terms rather amusing.

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