Let’s talk ape movies, or I’ll throw poop at you.

I finally watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and I realized that I really like movies involving apes. Especially if the apes “win”.  When I was a kid, I checked the Dian Fossey and Jane Goodall books out of the library quite regularly.  My favorite Zoobooks were the ones about chimps, gorillas, and orangutans.  I remember when WPTT 22 existed and they played movies like King Kong or one of the Planet of the Apes series regularly.

Netflix has weird genre splits & sub-genres.  Why don’t I see an “ape movie” category?  Someone over at Netflix, after you’re done burning all the Qwikster proposals, get on that.

Here are some of the ape movies I really like.  In the comments below, let me know some of your favorites.  (You don’t have to login, you can use your Facebook ID, Twitter handle, WordPress ID, or just leave a name & email address.)

  • King Kong | The best of ’em all.  This is a two way tie though, as I dig the 1933 & 2005 versions.  (There are lots of them, but these are the best.)  From Stop Motion to CGI, you get a great story no matter what the effects.
  • King Kong Lives | This movie was ridiculous.  When I was a kid, I totally accepted that after the events of the original Kong, they could have built him a giant pacemaker.  No problem.
  • Gorillas in the Mist | This was the Dian Fossey books come to life.  Incredible.  People really are bastards when it comes to some of our closest living relatives on this planet.
  • Project X | Top Gun meets Planet of the Apes.  Sort of.  It’s sort of funny, too.  Crazy movie, further proof that people are horrible horrible creatures.
  • Congo | The book was a little more thrilling, but the movie was still pretty cool.  Also, if Ernie Hudson is in your movie, it rocks.  Ancient ruins, intelligent apes, genetic memory… exciting stuff.

So, what are your favorites?

Rise of the Planet of the Apes



6 thoughts on “Let’s talk ape movies, or I’ll throw poop at you.

  1. Youve got me wondering about Planet of the Apes. I ducked it because it seemed to have little in common with the original – not su much a remake as just a stolen title. maybe that’s a good thing?


    • Yeah, I believe it’s a “reboot”, ha ha. It makes the story not about a nuclear/global war threat like the old one, and more of a genetics/viruses kind of fear. It updates nicely & doesn’t screw with the intent. There are several nods to all the other films. I would like to read the novel now though.


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