Your favorite pizza sucks, my favorite pizza rules! (Part 2)

So, last time I blogged about pizza, I covered some of my favorites: Aiello’s, SLICE, & A’Pizza Badamo.  This time I’ll blog about other area big-hitters.

Beto's Pizza on UrbanspoonBeto’s is another place nearby that is just excellent.  They’re the place that you’ve probably heard of that doesn’t cook the cheese & other toppings.  You’ll probably either love it or hate it.  I dig it, the wife does not.  The only thing I’d change is the consistency of the sauce… I’m not a fan of chunks of tomatoes in pizza sauce, but the flavor is excellent.  They don’t get all fancy with toppings here either, just simple, straightforward pizza with cheese that’s melting as you eat it.  I think my favorite way to eat it is just as plain cheese pizza.  Why mess up such a beautiful combination?

Molly's Pizza on UrbanspoonMolly’s Pizza is close by too.  They have some great pizza, and some really crazy specialty pies like the Ranchero Steak Pizza and the Pierogi Pizza.  I personally like to get a pizza with zucchini on top.  Excellent stuff!  It’s hard to pick a favorite around here.

Fiori's Pizzaria on UrbanspoonFoiri’s is a south hills institution.  Sorry, I don’t get it.  Is it good pizza?  Most definitely.  Is it overrated?  In my humble opinion, yes.  Maybe I’m biased because you can get deathfish as a topping there.  At any rate, if you’re in the area and a pizza aficionado, it’s worth checking out before you decide that Slice is the best place around.

Il Pizzaiolo on UrbanspoonIl Pizzaiolo isn’t your regular Pittsburgh pizza shop.  They’re fancy.  They have great pies in a steep Neapolitan tradition.  As they say themselves…

…the restaurant has become a vibrant gathering place for lovers of Neapolitan pizza, pasta and Italian wine. Nearly everything on the menu is hand-made. And if it’s not made in-house, it’s imported from the best artisans, cheese-makers and salumeria in the world. Mozzarella di Bufala comes direct from Naples every Thursday and the pizzas are baked at 1000˚ in a handcrafted, wood-fired brick oven for less than 90 seconds. This, along with perfectly leavened dough, San Marzano tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil, produces the most authentic Neapolitan pizza possible.

So obviously, this is no Pizza Hut.  They make incredible gourmet pies.  Unfortunately it’s entirely not what I’m craving when I “just want a pizza”.  This is where you want to go when you’d like a nice evening out to enjoy some of the lightest most delicious pizza you’ve ever eaten.

Italian Village Pizza (Canonsburg/McMurray) on UrbanspoonItalian Village Pizza is all over the place.  Both by location and quality.  They used to have a killer A1 Steak Sub at the one on Rte. 51, but I don’t think they have that any more.  The last one I frequented was the one in McMurray, but I only ever got the pizza once or twice.  The steak & Italian subs are incredible, but the sauce was just too bitter for me.  It tasted like straight tomato paste with some basil thrown in.  Some people love it, but it just wasn’t my thing.

Here I’d also like to try to address this thing…

VinceNt’s vs. Vincent’s

I’m still not sure what the exact dispute is… if there’s still a dispute, and if there are only two Vincent’s involved in this saga.  Can anyone fill me in on this?  I’ve heard several amalgamated stories over the years.  Some credible news even.  First, you’ve got to get your head around the locations…

There’s Vincent’s Pizza ParkOne on 30 in Irwin/North Huntingdon, one on Ardmore Blvd., and one in Holiday Park (the one I used to frequent).  And there’s Vincent’s “of Greentree” …oddly enough in Greentree, Southpointe, and the West End.  (There also seems to be a Vincent’s Pizza Pub on Mt. Washington – I’m unsure if they’re related to any of the others.)

I haven’t been to Vincent’s Pizza Park in Holiday Park in a long long time, but I remember it as the greasiest pizza I have ever had.  It was good, but greasy.  Some people like that.  I’m not the biggest fan of grease, but I remember they had a nice thick crust & a flavorful sauce.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to the Vincent’s in Greentree, but the one in Southpointe has great steak subs, garlic buns, and pretty good pizza.  Their “like it” percentage on Urbanspoon is pretty low though.  No idea what’s up there.

Vincent's Pizza Park on Urbanspoon Vincent's of Southpointe on Urbanspoon

Which Vincent’s is your favorite?  Which Vincent’s location is the best & the original?  (I think it’s Vincent’s in Forest Hills)

Please, chime in on any of these locations, any from my previous pizza post, or any that I may have missed.  I may dive into pizza chains next.  Pizza is always a subject of hot debate (and it goes well with beer).



13 thoughts on “Your favorite pizza sucks, my favorite pizza rules! (Part 2)

  1. Heh, just the opposite here. Beto’s is one of my wife’s (and daughter’s) favorite places, but I don’t care for it.

    We went to Vincent’s in Forest Hills once.. and yeah it was the greasiest thing I’ve ever eaten. Both of us were very ill for like three days.


    • Yeah, Beto’s can be quite polarizing. Ha ha. I love tomatoes, but I’m not the biggest fan of the tomato chunks. I get past it with the genius of the idea though.

      Yeah, the super grease seems to be Vincent’s thing. My mom used to use napkins to remove pools of it. Ha ha. I remember my dad saying people said “Vinnie Pies” were made by a guy who never washed his hands & smoked in the kitchen, possibly dropping ashes in the dough/sauce. I have no idea if these were real rumors or just my dad being funny. Ha ha.


    I’m not one for pizza. In fact, I hardly ever eat it, and when I do it’s either Fox’s pizza (the best in the world also complete with pierogi pizza, though a little dry, and the best ever–bbq chicken pizza. Mac n chz bites are out of this world, the breadsticks are great & I’ll even eat their marinara sauce and I hatehatehatehatehate marinara sauce and even wipe it off my pizza and spaghetti), Dominos (few people like them, but I can eat it by the tons), or Pizza Hut’s (b/c of their deals & I’ve always liked their crust & buffalo chicken pizza).
    Pizza is ordered seemingly everyday in this house, but even if I’m starving I’ll turn down pizza if it’s Mineos/Pizza Milano. I can’t stand their pizza. I’ll rarely eat it. Our local Portofinos is good, and I’ll definitely eat it, just not my first choice (only other place I have their delicious marinara with prov stix). Vocelli’s is tastefully fresh, but over priced and I think I’m tired of it from eating it nonstop when I worked at their call center years back. Pizza Bomonti is a place that took over Vocellis when they moved out and I don’t dare try it, same with Crafton Pizzeria. Lastly, Doughboys is pretty grand, but I tend to only eat it if it’s pepperoni. (might be the best place to have leftover cold pizza!) I remember having Betos growing up, but we never venture out that way to get it. I remember it being pretty good, but if they have chunks of tomato, even ity bity, I will automatically despise it. I don’t like marinara as it is, having tomato bits when I don’t tomatoes wouldn’t win me over.

    I also give good credit to Primantis for their pizza, but of course everything is exceptional there, so no surprise. Villa pizza in Robinson mall is a great one, too. I had it when our store bought it for us during the busy holiday rush days and was surprised that I liked it enough to have three slices. As stated above, Vincents is totally awesome. Unfortunately, we don’t think to go there but once every couple years if that. I absolutely love their pizza and can get as many slices as my stomach can possibly hold. As off as this is going to be, I must say Chuckie Cheeses has bomb ass pizza. I almost want to steal little children just so I can take them there so I can get in to buy their pizza.

    If you’d like to go as far as frozen pizzas, I, as well as my family, are addicted to Stouffers french bread pizzas. YUM! Digiorno is a goodie as well. Nothing can reign supreme over Joe Corbis. We would stock up on it as much as possible when a school fundraiser would come our way with it.

    I haven’t tried Papa Johns, nor Paparazzi Pizza, or Pizza Palermo (both apparently somewhere on Steubenville Pike I somehow don’t see driving past 10000x a year.), & I was too little to remember little Ceasars. I have no interest in trying any of them. I do, on the otherhand, wish to try the new joint up at Settler’s Ridge–Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza. I’ve heard nothing but great things, and the way it’s cooked is reeling me in.

    I believe I’ve covered all the places around here available lol. It’s absolutely amazing how many places are around to choose from. It’s always funny when people want pizza when they come around here. I giggle and ask where. I think I counted seven places that’ll deliver to our house alone. Craziness I say.

    Anywho, that’s my take on pizza. Lengthy for sure.


    • Oh yeah, that Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza in Settler’s ridge is always PACKED when we drive by. I do wanna try that. There’s a marked difference between that & your local delivery joint though. Ha ha. I have to research the menu online and/or give a call to see if I’m “safe” there.

      I’ve heard good things about Portofino’s, but haven’t tried it. I’d also like to try Primanti’s pizza. Maybe some time during a Pens game… it seems like they have killer specials. I can’t get past the corned beef sandwich there. Ha ha.

      Not a fan of marinara? Have you ever tried Margherita Pizza? It’s generally fresh tomatoes really finely diced instead of a marinara type sauce. I think that’s the one, anyway. It’s got a really fresh/light taste.

      There’s always the weird sauce pizzas. Vocelli’s has a killer Alfredo pizza… but it’s probably better to just inject the cheese & sauce into your bloodstream than to eat it. Bethany generally loves BBQ chicken or Buffalo Chicken pizza… sometimes is BBQ/buffalo sauce, sometimes it’s Ranch dressing. There’s all kinds of crazy stuff out there.

      White pizza is a nice change if you like cheesy garlic bread shaped like pizza.

      I remember this place in what was in Manor (near Irwin or Trafford)… called Party Crasher’s. They had an AWESOME taco or “Mexican” pizza. It had great sauce & Doritos, shredded lettuce, olives, taco meat… All kinds of weird crap that was just perfect together.

      I may get into the chains on my 3rd post. We do have an over-saturation of pizza shops in the area, but it’s awesome to have so many choices! I have heard many people not from the area remark at the plethora of mom n’ pop pizza joints & chains all over.


  3. If there is no deathfish present we need to hit up one or three places.
    Primantis on a Tuesday or Thursday for their family pizza night so you can try their pizza at a good price..
    Vincents (I think that one’s out)
    & Anthony’s on a slow, early weekday night


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