Alex Skolnick Schools Me on Grunge, Metal, & Punk. Ha ha.

Don’t know what started it all, but I saw this…!/AlexSkolnick/status/156224594599100416

And decided to say this…!/AiXeLsyD13/status/156224888410083328

So, he actually replied:!/AlexSkolnick/status/156472531954569216

Heh.  Alex seems like a cool cat.  I’ve read countless guitar magazine articles that he’s written, and saw him perform once with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  Damn, he’s good.

Some other stuff has ensued…!/MattPaneth/status/156473254100467713!/TheFree_Lance/status/156475576440463361!/AiXeLsyD13/status/156477372344971264!/AiXeLsyD13/status/156477960814198784

At any rate, Twitter is fun, and it’s cool to get a nod & from some of your heroes & maybe start a conversation.

Ah, here’s what stared it…!/AlexSkolnick/status/156222078641651713!/AlexSkolnick/status/156223005872226304!/AlexSkolnick/status/156224161059053569!/AlexSkolnick/status/156224594599100416

4 thoughts on “Alex Skolnick Schools Me on Grunge, Metal, & Punk. Ha ha.

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