I felt like drawing a maze.

Here’s another maze.  I don’t always get a response to these, but I do like to draw ’em.  Maybe someday someone will print, attempt, then send me a photo or scan of said attempt/solution.  I made this one pretty easy.  There should be a few ways through.

I drew a more difficult one the other night, but sadly the paper is too big for my scanner, and I went all the way to the edge.  I’ll have to get it scanned elsewhere.

At any rate, if so inclined, print & finish (or use a photo editor) and post the result!

Maze 01/13/2012

Click for the full size...

Post your solution in the comments!


17 responses to “I felt like drawing a maze.

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  13. Very cool! What size paper do you recommend printing this on?


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