✍ Today’s Maze ✍

So, here’s another maze.  Try it.  Send me a photo or scan of it (or any of my other mazes) completed and I’ll post it!  (Or post it in the comments here if you’re tech savvy.)  That’s world.and.lunar.domination@gmail.com.


2012/01/20 Maze

This is a big one.  I tried to keep the lines close together, and I think there may only be one way through this one.  (Sometimes, I leave 2 or 3 ways through.)

12 thoughts on “✍ Today’s Maze ✍

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  12. It has come to my attention that this maze is impossible. It only took someone over 7 years to notice! 😂

    Please accept my humble apologies and feel free to try one of the plethora of my other ones. 😁


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