Curvilinear Course [Maze]

Are you getting these?  I have had a few people interested, and  a bunch of people “liking” the posts, but no results so far.  If you take the time to print & solve this, I’d appreciate if you left the solution (or a link to the solution) here in the comments, or you can email it to  Take a photo with your phone, or scan & send it.

Curvilinear Course

Curvilinear Course

5 thoughts on “Curvilinear Course [Maze]

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  3. So, we have a solution by Chris Thornborrow of the Labirintia Project:

    Curvilinear Course [Solution] by Chris Thornborrow (Labirintia Project)

    Chris writes along with his solution…

    Hi there,

    Wow it took over an hour. In the end I started blacking out dead end paths to narrow the search down. This meant I found a start at the finish first and then worked toward the start. As you can see I had to black
    Out huge amounts. Very confusing very hard maze. How the hell did you design this?


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