Pepto’s #GotUCovered

Heh.  Sorry for the TMI.  If this bothers you, be glad you didn’t see my delirious lack-of-sleep & fever-induced Facebook post yesterday.!/Pepto/status/164075607032999936!/AiXeLsyD13/status/164345237425242112!/Pepto/status/164431998084063232

Pepto-Bismol in sink


At any rate, don’t be fooled that Pepto-Bismol will stop you from puking.  Apparently I caught some stomach virus that’s going around.  I think now my wife unfortunately has it (after she so graciously cleaned up & nursed me back to health).  I believe my grandma had it a week ago, and now we hear that Bethany’s uncle has it.  It’s nasty & going all around.  Wash your hands!

4 thoughts on “Pepto’s #GotUCovered

  1. Emesis? I just had to Google that even though form the context I knew what it meant. Ha ha. I learned a new word today!

    Can one walk into CVS and pickup Ondansetron?

    Also, wouldn’t it have maybe been good to get the horrible things that wanted out of my stomach out of my stomach?


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