♩♫ Where have all the Quiznos gone? ♬♪

Some people are no fun.  Quiznos pretty much refuses to write back to this:

Salutations Sandwich Sultans!

♩♫ Where have all the Quiznos gone? ♬♪  (I imagined that in my head as sung like that “Where Have all the Cowboys Gone” song from the 90’s. – Hopefully you did too!)

I live in & around Pittsburgh PA, and all the Quiznos locations seem to have dried up.  At one point we were over-saturated, then poof!  They were all gone.

What happened?  Was it too easy to open a Quiznos?  Are they deceptively hard to run for a profit?  Is it hard to find good workers?  Certainly you have a better product than Subway and there aren’t many Jimmy John’s, Jersey Mike’s, or Firehouse Subs in the area (yet).

I ask only because I keep receiving emails asking me to come eat at Quiznos… yet there aren’t any near where I live or work, thus eliminating weekday lunch or dinner visits.  This doesn’t discount weekends, but I also don’t find myself near any Quiznos locations when I’m out & about.

This brings me back to by original query; ♩♫ Where have all the Quiznos gone? ♬♪  (Did you hear it this time?)



♩♫ Where have all the Quiznos gone? ♬♪

Really, what happened?  That’s all I want to know.  They are actual legitimate (if slightly embarrassing) questions.

I’ve submitted this to their contact form, and haven’t received a reply.  I sent it to some email addresses I had for Quiznos employees, and it bounced back.

They didn’t really answer well via Twitter, as they couldn’t get my whole letter:




…and no reply to that last one.  So, I tweeted at a Quiznos that responded with a valid corporate email address…






…and I got an error message that bounced back saying the following:

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 5.7.1 <helpdesk@myquiznos.com>: Relay access denied. (state 14).

Weird.  That message (according to a quick Google search) sort of tells me I’ve been marked as spam.  I tired sending from a different email address, but got the same thing.  I may have to print & mail this one.  I wonder if even that will garner a response?

And, I liked Quiznos…

7 thoughts on “♩♫ Where have all the Quiznos gone? ♬♪

  1. Where do you work? I don’t mean the specific company or whatever, but in what general area? I’m on Liberty Ave downtown, and thereis one right across the street near the PNC buildings…

    Not trying to sound braggy or anything, just sayin’. We did have one open up less than ten minutes from our house but it was open barely a year. Now it’s a Gamestop.


    • I work in Bridgeville, the closest Quiznos would be in Canonsburg (I think), but a little far for lunch. I work on the weird side of Bridgeville where going through all the lights takes too long even to get up to Sonic or Taco Bell or Wendy’s.

      This is more about wondering what happened to all the Quiznos that were here then gone.

      I believe there have been ones in Delmont, New Stanton, Bloomfield, Mt. Lebanon, Robinson, Squirrel Hill, & more that have closed. Is it hard to run a Quiznos? Too easy to open? Too many of them around all at once?

      Where else did they go in & disappear within a few years? Is this a southwestern PA thing, or is it all over the country?

      Quiznos seems to embarrassed to respond.


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