So that’s where they all went…

Well, Quiznos never wrote back, but a QSRweb representative did.  Apparently Quiznos is embarrassed or perhaps angered by my request.  At the very least, they’re obviously not amused.  Poor customer service, indeed.  Perhaps they picked up a flippant tone to my original email?

Oh yeah, you probably need to read this to know what I’m talking about:  ♩♫ Where have all the Quiznos gone? ♬♪

Alicia of provided some insight:

From: Alicia Kelso <>
Date: Tue, Feb 7, 2012
Subject: RE: Wendy’s accelerates store reimaging, undergoes employee ‘reboot’

Good afternoon, Waldo.

Per your inquiry about Quiznos and its anemic presence. That is, indeed, purposeful. The company has been restructuring – teetering on Chapter 11 – for the past year, year and a half.

In the process, it named new members to the executive team and closed its underperforming shops. However, the company has embarked upon a turnaround effort – new marketing, new international markets. Don’t count it out just yet.

You may start to see Quiznos popping up again within the next couple of years.

Thanks for reaching out. Hope this helps.

Alicia Kelso

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From: Diana Sexson []
Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2012 4:29 PM
Subject: FW: Wendy’s accelerates store reimaging, undergoes employee ‘reboot’

Well, so there’s that.  Chapter 11 can’t be a good thing.  So, that’s why all those local stores closed.  How can they not make money?  People need to eat.  People like sandwiches.  Make the sandwiches well, and people will eat there.  Seems simple.

Still waiting for an official answer from Quiznos.  Perhaps they’d like to defend this position.  I have a feeling I’ll never get one.

4 thoughts on “So that’s where they all went…

  1. Sounds logical to me. I think they were also in the unfortunate position of expanding just as the country dove into a recession. They’ve always sort of positioned themselves as a higher-class version of Subway – with the higher quality meats and breads and toppings. Then Subway started their whole $5 footlong deal, attracting people seeking a better value, and Quiznos seemed to struggle trying to compete with that.


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