9 thoughts on “Guitar Insanity – Looking for input from gear heads & guitar geeks.

  1. As far as online shopping… I’ve sort of gone through rehab and given up acquiring stuff some time ago, but I used to frequent Musicians Friend, Music 123, zZounds, American Music Supply, and Sweetwater Sound. All have various pros and cons, although I have never really had any problems with any of them, so generally I’d shop around and go with whoever’s the cheapest or whoever’s offering free shipping at that time, or whatever.


  2. The best deals I’ve ever found for gear have been on either http://www.thegearpage.net or Craigslist … From guitars and amps to pedals and everything in between…. Best deal EVER… 2010 Les Paul Standard and a 50 watt Marshalll Aniversary series amp for $2000 on Craigslist … A total of over $3500 worth of unplayed gear.


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