15 thoughts on “The Mysterious Overseas Guitar Factories…

  1. I don’t know that this is helpful or of any interest or such a “Duh! Of COURSE I knew that!” that I’ll sound silly, but that’s never stopped me before.

    If you don’t already know about them, you might for Paul Reed Smith Guitars (PRS Guitars) of interest. It’s close enough that you could maybe even take a factory tour. http://www.prsguitars.com/products/index.php Paul Reed Smith is a pretty interesting guy and I’ll bet they’d answer whatever questions they could. It’s all about passion.


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  9. HAhah..I proper title dood…I came across this 7 string sold “AS IS” on Ebay and gota it for 170.00 total (like im gona be able to buy a 7 string for that price anyplace else??) . It was a return so i took my chances. The electronics in it are WRONG! [i.e. i havent opened it up but it sounds like sumbody put Bass guitar caps in it instead of like a .47 .33 cap and the 2 bottom strings almost sound absent. Nothing i cant fix. But the WOOD in the guitar was exemplary !! it has a BURL maple neck and matched striped maple (or similar) face. really nice lookn guitar but i cant find out jack about it!


  10. I’ve got a black Gibson style Eagle brand Flying V. The Eagle logo on the headstock is in the shape of a Concorde RR1 guitar. It’s got Grover tuning keys and cheap dual humbuckers, push/pull whammy, clear black knobs. Any ideas about if it’s Japanese or Korean and what year it might have been made, etc? I bought it around 1990 for $150 I think.

    I also have a 1960’s St. George T-64 6 string bass VI I’m working on and could use advise troubleshooting an electronics issue.


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