I’m going to need to learn how to solder.

I’ve soldered stuff before, but it’s been a long time, I’m going to need to learn again.  I just got a box full ‘o neat stuff that I’m going to slap on to that New York Pro that I picked up at Hoke·E·Geez.  I have this urge to do as much of it as I can myself.  (I’ll still have it set up when I’m done by Aaron at Lawrence Music.)

Guitar Pimpin'

Guitar Pimpin'

I’m sure I can do it.  I might make a mess, and it might take me longer than someone who actually knows what they’re doing, but I can do it.

GFS | Lil Killer Black Humbucker Rail Pickup for Strats

GFS | Lil Killer Black Humbucker Rail Pickup for Strats

I went with a goofy pickup configuration, because I have the luxury of not knowing what I’m doing & no one to tell me “that’s not the way you do that”.

GFS | Pro-Tube Lipstick Tube Pickup- GLOSS BLACK

GFS | Pro-Tube Lipstick Tube Pickup - GLOSS BLACK

I got 2 Lil Killer humbucker rail pickups, one 15K for the neck, & one 10K for the middle.  I have no idea what the K means.  I got a Pro-Tube lipstick tube pickup for the neck position, because I thought it looked neat… and because I never use the neck position, so I thought this might be neat to try out.  I opted for the 6K version, because that’s what the pickup in the calibrated rail set comes as…  even though the GFS page suggests you use the 4.9K one at the neck position.  Will it make that big of a difference?

Galaxy Guitars | New York Pro | Star Gazer

It's gonna look (& sound) a little different by the time I'm done with it.

So, I have these pickups, & the 5-way switch that came with the guitar.  What kind of wiring do you suggest I do?  Do I need to worry about shielding tape or paint?  Do I need flux, or no flux?  Can anyone show me a diagram for a normal setup?  What about something “hot-rodded” using these components?

I have a soldering iron and some solder.  I might get one of those soldering stands with the alligator clips.

Any tips, tricks, or advice?

9 thoughts on “I’m going to need to learn how to solder.

  1. Being able to solder opens up so many tonal possibilies for a guitarist. Since learning how to solder, all of my guitars have been modified to better suit me. Changing pickups, pot values, and custom switching has made my guitars more versatile and sound better for my style. Noticed you linked to my post about modifying my strat bridge pickup. If interested I posted some really good soldering videos I found. Good luck and have fun.


    • Yeah, that actually helps a bunch… thanks for the advice & the lesson on capacitors.

      I want to see what I can do with the materials I’ve purchased… rail humbuckers for the bridge & middle and the lispstick for the neck position, plus the 5-way switch. Should I go with normal switching options, or get goofy? I’m not ready to add extra tone knobs or anything (yet).


  2. Personally I wire everything up stock first, if I think it needs improving I start messing with switching. On one of my strats I have the middle position turn on the neck and the bridge humbucker split to one coil as opposed to the middle pickup by itself. It sounds kind of like the normal middle position with a little more twang and brightness, close to the middle position on a tele. Actually the bridge is split in every position except position 1 which is full on humbucker by itself. It gives the other positions more authentic strat tones. I had to use a super switch like this one:


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  6. Hes right, go to SD/ wireing details. Dont know if Fender dot com has what your lookin for.
    Soldering , i learned of Utube, put a little on each tab or pot your going to do. Then with your wire your going to use, put the wireing on that spot so you have a solid wire, then you can put another drop on it to finish the job.
    Hope this helps


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