Band Names: The List

Is your awesome idea for a band name already taken?  Assuming you read my other blog about this & have learned to Google potential names, and you’re stuck for ideas… Don’t give in to the temptation to just name your band that anyway.  Be different.  Be original.  Let me (& hopefully the eventual comments on this blog) help you out.

88 MPH

88 MPH

I might pull some of these from an older ever-evolving list at a website that’s a virtual ghost town any more.  I haven’t checked to see if any of these are actual band names.  You need to do that.

As always, I’m begging for input.  Please, add to the list.  It can be serious, scary, intelligent, funny, but make them catchy.  Include a reference/inspiration if you like.



I didn’t come up with all of those, but they’re all from that goofy list.  Let’s add some more.  Make them better than band names that have already been used. Make them memorable and creative.  Make them something that you can register on Facebook, Band Camp, Twitter, MySpace, Google+, Reverb Nation, Pure Volume, or buy the .com (or at least .org).

Put your potential band names in the comments below.  Go!

(If you use one, and we need to cross it off of the list, let us know that too!)

16 thoughts on “Band Names: The List

  1. 1. Tom Foolery and the Shenanigans, featuring the Shenanigettes
    2. The Number Runners

    Both of these are really good. I hope no one steals them.


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