Disney does food allergies with the best of intentions.

So, you know how I’m always saying I’d like a push from a consumer level rather than government regulations or mandates regarding food allergies?  This is what I’m talking about:

On our first trip we asked one of the chefs why they do such a wonderful job accommodating food allergic children at Disney World, he said, “We want the repeat business.”  It would be wonderful if other resorts would take this cue from Disney and realize that if they accommodate food allergic children and their families, we will return with pleasure and continue to be loyal customers.

Check out the full article by Lisa Giuriceo on Allergy Eats, it’s honest, inspiring and gives hope.  Someday we’ll be safe.  Someday accidents won’t happen.  I just may have to save my pennies & book a Disney vacation.

Former logo of the Walt Disney World Resort, u...

Sadly, my only dream is to not go into anaphylactic shock.

5 thoughts on “Disney does food allergies with the best of intentions.

  1. Disney, the happiest and most food allergy conscious place on earth. I actually went to Disney during their wine and food festival and can vouch for their food allergy awareness. Now if they were just as conscious about their guest’s wallets.


  2. One way to reduce the cost is to seek out timeshare rentals. Some have multiple bedrooms and can be had for under $1000 a week. I actually went with 3 other people and rented a two bedroom timeshare inside Disney World that came out to $80 per person per night. Some even except bids.


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