There’s a spider living in my mirror.

There's a spider in my mirror

Can you see the web? It’s pretty faint. There are diagonal strands across the mirror face.

I think a spider has made a home in my driver’s side rear-view mirror.  I took some photos, but my phone’s camera is terrible.  I decided to share them anyway.  Hopefully you can see something.

There have been some strands across the face of the mirror for a while now, and more recently it has built a web inside the curve of the mirror’s housing where it attaches to the car.

Do you see the web?

Can you see the extra web? It’s in the little curved part.

One one hand, I want to knock the web down & hopefully the spider will move along.  On the other, it has survived multiple drives, multiple rains, and just in general for about a week now… who am I to destroy it?

I’m guessing it lives back there behind the mirror.  I’d probably pick a similar spot if I was a spider.  The web is odd, it’s not the “classic” spider-web made famous by Halloween Decorations & Spider-Man’s costume.  It’s not the scary funnel web.  It’s some diagonal stands across the mirror and a weird shaped 3D thing inside that curve.  Apparently this isn’t that kind of spider, or it just didn’t pay attention in web-spinning class.

I swear, there really is a web there.

I swear, there really is a web there.

I haven’t ever seen any bugs in the web.  I hate bugs.  (Most of us do, right?)  I’m letting the spider stay out of hope that he’ll destroy our common enemy: All other bugs.  I really don’t like spiders.  They creep me out.  Especially little ones.  I held our science class’ pet tarantula in 4th grade… but she wasn’t as creepy as little spiders.  Those little brown recluse ones are nasty, I hope it’s not one of those.  Also… those little white spiders really creep me out.  (What are those things?)  I doubt it’s a black widow or a wolf spider.  I saw a wolf spider at camp one time that was as big as the palm of my hand… no exaggeration.  I woke up, and it was on the ceiling of the cabin above me.  I just let it go… as the cabin was in the woods and it belonged there more than me.

English: brown recluse as compared to a U.S.A....

English: brown recluse as compared to a U.S.A. penny (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I generally smash spiders as soon as I see them.  It’s usually a good idea.  One time, it wasn’t.  I was pretty young, and I stepped on this spider and a million (yes I counted) miniscule baby spiders ran out from it.  I freaked out, stomping around with both feet like I was putting out a fire or doing some kind of tribal dance.  I couldn’t have gotten them all.  I lived in fear of retaliation for many many years.  Maybe that’s why I still don’t like spiders.

I also remember renting Arachnophobia… watching about 5 whole minutes of it, and then popping the VHS tape out of the VCR and deciding not to continue.  I was too weird-ed out.

NEW Ultrasonic Spider Repeller

NEW Ultrasonic Spider Repeller

I’ve even thought about getting one of those things that you plug into the wall that are supposed to emit some kind of ultrasonic noise that spiders, bugs, and even rats don’t like.  Can that even work?  It just seems like a way to take my money for something that could in no way work as advertised.

Can anyone tell me what kind of spider this is from the web?  (If you can even see it.)  Should I crush the mighty arachnid now while I still can?  Will it make a million more little spiders that will overrun my car?

1: Places where spiders belong:

  • The Woods
  • The Desert
  • Outside
  • In the garden

2: Places where spiders don’t belong:

  • The Sink
  • The Bathtub
  • My Basement
  • The Bedroom
  • The Living Room

Where does my mirror fit in?  I’m guessing category 2, but I didn’t want to be too hasty.  Live and let live, unless you’re a mother spider carrying a bazillion spider babies, or one of said spider babies…

Apparently this happens to people everywhere.

7 thoughts on “There’s a spider living in my mirror.

  1. Perhaps spray a nice lethal dose of bug spray in the openings of the mirror?
    That’s what I’d do, as I can’t even handle the thought of a spider hiding out, waiting for me.


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  4. Hi,
    Same happened to me, a spider has decided to move in my car mirror but I got to meet her yesterday when she came out.
    Very unsual looking spider so I thought I would look it up. Mine is white and have 4 black dots on it’s body and does make irregular webs and I am sorry to say that it is a young black widow. Apparently they are white before reaching maturity.
    You can be sure that in the morning I will be spraying the mirror with spider repellent. I have 1 young child and a baby and the spider came out when my window was down and it could have simply moved into my car. Just writing this scares me …. Hope yours isn’t one of those.


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