So, I’m gonna be a dad.


So, I’m gonna be a dad.  It’s crazy.  I’m the guy that plays in a punk band that sings songs about poop, gets his truck stuck in the mud, buys crazy guitars, and has Batman & Star Wars obsessions.  I barely have my own life together, and now my wife & I are going to be responsible for another one?  As crazy as it is, I think we’re ready.  It’s exciting.  We’ve been OK with the thought of having a kid for a while, it just never happened.  We’re glad it’s finally happening.  Some time in May, we should have a little boy or girl.  We go on Saturday for an ultrasound to get an exact date.


Someday, someone is going to call me “Dad” and my wife “Mom”.  The idea of it all is just incredible.  I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it all along the way.  Before I start, any fatherly or parenting advice?  Please leave some below!  (Not on Facebook to Twitter!)


14 thoughts on “So, I’m gonna be a dad.

  1. This is going to be the most emotional 15 months of your life…yes, I wrote 15…cause the 5/6 months of the baby’s life is a little emotional too…for both parents. You’ll be happy, scared, exhausted, worried….but it will be the BEST time too! You won’t die from being tired but you may feel like it at some point! And if your wife becomes a different person during this time, you will get her back…promise! We are so happy for you! Enjoy every second and the things you can’t enjoy, you will laugh about someday! 🙂


  2. Introduce the baby to camp as young as possible. Both of our children were campers before they were walkers, and I feel they’re better off because of it.


  3. This is great news, congrats to you and Bethany!

    I’ve got a pile of advice, but start out with knowing that there will be a ton of opportunities for you to volunteer. You will probably have more opportunities because mom volunteers easier to come by. Coach t-ball, chaperone trips, be Santa at church…if you can do it and still keep your job, make your answer yes. You will not regret it.

    Also, taking your tax refund and putting it in a separate account is a damn fine way to start saving for college. Do yourselves a favor, start now. 18 years goes by in a blink.


    • Thank you! Volunteering is an excellent idea. My parents always had me at scouts, Taekwondo, little league, hockey, or something else. Being involved would be awesome.

      Good call on the tax refund thing! Interest is a hell of a thing.


  4. Congrats!

    My piece of parenting advice – ignore most of the parenting advice you get! EVERYONE will have an opinion about how you should be doing things, but only you and your wife know what will work for you. Just relax and enjoy. It goes by so quickly, don’t give any time to worrying about the judgements of others.


    • Ha ha, I have heard the advice to ignore parenting advice… and will take all advice with the proverbial grain of salt. Heh. I do feel you on not worrying about the judgements of others though. I try to live like that normally. Heh.


  5. You both will know better than anyone what is best for your children. So listen to what others have to say and do a lot of reading but remember even a parent as experienced as Grandma King or a professional in child development may give you advice that you just don’t agree with and that’s ok. Parenting will come naturally to you. I do have a tip for when Bethany actually goes to the hospital to give birth (something no one warned me about…), take slippers with hard bottoms or flip flops because your feet may be too swollen to fit into your shoes.


    • Oh yeah, I am asking for advice here too. There’s a BIG difference between solicited & unsolicited advice. Ha ha.

      The slippers/flip-flops thing is a great idea. See? No one would have told us that.


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