So, we got our 1st baby “pictures”…

We went for an ultrasound yesterday, and got the 1st photos of the baby.  They all look like a little peanut.  The X-ray tech said “yolk sac” about 37 times.  I don’t want any eggs for a while.  (Yes, I know it’s something wholly & entirely different for those of you that can’t read humor.)

Seeing that little flashing heartbeat is nothing short of astounding.  I can’t wait to meet this tiny little person!

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I set up an email address like in that “Dear Sophie” Google commercial:

I think it will be fun!

4 thoughts on “So, we got our 1st baby “pictures”…

  1. Congratulations! The whole baby developing process is nothing short of astounding. My daughter is now 3 and I feel I have learned more from her than she has from me sometimes. Children are truly remarkable.


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