I just want a keyring.

I need a new keyring.  I haven’t ever been able to find one that meets my needs.  Perhaps my expectations are too high.  Perhaps there is no such thing as the perfect keyring.  Perhaps I need to spend more money on one.  Why is it so difficult?  Does anyone else have a keyring problem?

I guess I should explain myself.

I have a lot of keys.  I like to keep them all in one place.  I want a keyring where I can break-off my car keys & my wife’s car keys quickly & easily.  I recently bought a keyring that has a bunch of little carabiner-looking S-clips on it.  Let me show you:

Ridiculous Key Ring

Ridiculous Key Ring

Besides the fact that I have entirely too many keys, this keyring set up is juts not working out.  I want something that makes the vehicle keys quickly & easily removable.  I don’t want them to fall off on their own.  Arrow A shows one of the broken little S-clips that snags my pocket constantly.  These have also broken themselves free inside my pocket… or on the way out of my pocket.  I’ve dropped my house key on more than one occasion with this setup.  Then again, arrow B points to a traditional keyring provided by the dealer…  which has also come loose in my pocket.  I spent about 20 minutes looking for my keyless entry remote the other day after it loosened itself & ended up on the floor of my truck.

Apparently, when you pull keys out of your pocket, they help turn any loosened items into projectiles.  It’s just a matter if time until this happens over a storm drain or sewer grate.

There is the old-fashioned normal keyring, but I always seem to be able to only find weak ones… or ones that make it nearly impossible to just give the guys at the oil change place your truck keys and not some crazy giant bundle of chaos that might scatter my keys all over the place.

I’ve also tried those quick-release keyrings, but they eventually fail too when the spring dies.  Then there’s the “lucky line” kind, but it would throw some being easily removable out the window.  I’m at a loss as to what exactly the next step should be.



What do you do?  Do you have keyring problems?  Am I alone on this key-dropping crap?  Your advice would be welcomed.

17 thoughts on “I just want a keyring.

  1. I only carry the car key to the car I’m using that day with me. As for all those discount scan cards, I have an app on my phone for all of them coincidentally called “Keyring”.


    • Heh. I have the keyring app, but I’ve heard some store scanners don’t pick them up. Also… I have one for the car dealership with no barcode/numbers… it’s got that magnetic ribbon that’s probably so worn off that it doesn’t work.

      As far as having 2 sets of car keys… I always like to have them both on me in case the wife’s out & gets stranded or anything. Ha ha.


  2. I’m of the one key ring per car school. I used to keep everything together, but I am so much more comfortable with them split up…but I see your point about keeping things set so you can come to the rescue if needed.


  3. Put each set of keys on their own ring (an *actual* ring, not any of the weird things pictured above), and string a carabiner through all of them. Clip carabiner to belt loop above back pocket, tuck keys into pocket. Problem solved.


      • I’m assuming the one on your keyless entry is one of the flimsy, tiny ones? I’m talking about a standard, break-your-finger-nail-off-trying-to-get-a-new key-on-it keyring, like the ones that come with most store-bought novelty keychains…


        • Yeah, it is. I actually just went & got some good solid not-crappy keyrings and a carabiner. A locking carabiner is in the mail.

          Has anyone successfully used that keytags app? Mine never gets picked up by scans.


  4. There are better S-biners than that….You should check out the variety of climber-rated carabiners available. Find small S ones or locking ones that you like and put them all on one large locking carabiner. See how that works. The keychain carabiners are made so cheap and never work right.


  5. I have a similar quandry. My office just moved and I need a new way to carry my security fob for the new office. The old one was on one of those telephone cord-type wrist bracelets — not terribly stylish, but it was easy to grab. I can’t seem to find a new one that fits. I’m thinking of making my own.


  6. I’ve been having this problem a lot. I am always waiting in my car for Chelsey, and she never has her house key and therefore dowsnt lock the door, so I have to turn the car off to remove my keys, because they’re all attached. Would be nice to be able to easily remove a key or card! I’ve never been able to find anything myself. Think Geek needs to think of something because they are our genious at gadgets, direct this to them.


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