Free Swag From Guitar Center!

So, did you read the last post about the Guitalele & Guitar Center’s price match guarantee?  The whole thing is pretty awesome, especially if you’re a musician and you actively purchase gear.  It’s worth checking out, so click that link.

Once you’ve read that, this will make sense:

The gig bag & the stand are a perfect fit!  Thanks again to Luke for the excellent customer service, and to YaJagoff for sparking it!

2 thoughts on “Free Swag From Guitar Center!

  1. Had terrible service at the guitar center in corpus christi. The guy locked my boyfriend in the store. His name was Joe. They were closing and basically telling my boyfriend he couldn’t leave unless he paid the full amount which they said was 20$. The only thing is we had a warranty paid in full on his guitar, and they had promised us when we dropped it off that they would call us when its ready and it would be free. So we dont get a call all day. We then call and the guy, Joe, says he forgot to call us but that it was ready. My boyfriend goes in and they demand he pay them. He had to insist that he take his guitar back. Truly ruined it for us….and we loved that store until he was treated so poorly…we dont want to go back ever…not sure what to do


    • That’s crazy over $20? They wouldn’t let him leave? What was $20? That is a cheap setup.

      I would suggest reaching out to Guitar Center dorectly through Twitter, Facebook, or via their contact form or email on their website.

      They should want to make things right, and may want to investigate the issue.

      I’m not sure I understand exactly what happened. You’ll have to be clear in explaining the entire situation to them.


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