When I tip, you tip, we tip. [#Tipping?]

So, I’ve written about tipping at length before.  I won’t get into all of it again, but I have heard the subject come up lately, and I just want to know where I fall.  This is all about discussion.  I want feedback.  How do you tip?  Some questions I’d like answered…

  • Do you tip 20% when out to eat, or are you still at the 80s 15% standard?  (Please don’t say it’s 10%.)
  • Do you round to the nearest dollar or leave exact change?
  • If you only get a slice of pie and a cup of coffee (or less), do you throw percentage out the window and go for a minimum amount?
  • Is it cool to leave the tip on a receipt if paying with a credit card, or does the waiter/waitress think you stiffed them?
  • Do you tip if there’s an automatic 18% gratuity for a large party?
  • Do you tip better (or worse) based on service, or should it be automatic?
  • How much do you tip a pizza guy/girl?
  • Does the pizza tip change if you have more than pizza or a ridiculously large order?
  • Do you adjust tipping a delivery person in inclement weather, on or near a holiday, or on a day like thanksgiving or New Year’s Day when everyone else is ordering out?
  • Is your delivery tipping based on a percentage of the total, or on a flat per-trip fee?
  • Is it cool to leave the tip on a receipt if paying with a credit card, or does the delivery driver think you stiffed them?
  • Do you tip on take-out when you pick it up?
  • Do you tip at Starbucks or a mom n’ pop coffee place?  Is there a difference?
  • If so, is it change, or paper?
  • Do you tip per beer/drink at the bar, or per round?
  • How much do you tip for a $15 or $18 men’s haircut?  How much more for a beard trim or a shave?
  • Who else do you tip that may not be so obvious?  The garbage man?  The mailman?

I try to tip well as with my food allergy I have a small circle of places where we dine out or get delivery with a high level of comfort.  I want to make sure I’m in the right place.

Please, discuss!

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9 thoughts on “When I tip, you tip, we tip. [#Tipping?]

  1. Well Eric and I always tip 20% unless the service itself is just awful and even then it’s never less then 15%. We usually never have cash so this ends up being on a credit card, I wonder if the waitress feels like we stiffed her if she doesn’t see it. I never want people to feel bad like that. As far as the 18% auto gratuity I’m not a fan. If you take my money without giving me the chance to give you a tip You’re not going to get my 20% which sucks for the hardworking waitress. Most of the time they’d get far more from me and my friends and family if it wasn’t added automatically. As far as who I tip, I tip the guy that delivers pizza, my hairdresser, and sometimes the occasional odd case where I feel like people have gone above and beyond. I’m not like Dwight Schrute

    I will tip even if I could do your job.

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    • Yeah. I’ve never stiffed for a tip, but I have left poor ones. Well,only one I can remember for a waitress at Bob Evan’s that rolled her eyes at me over a shellfish allergy inquiry. In fact, we just left… but left enough money to cover the drinks & probably a few bucks more. This is why I hate Lenten shellfish specials.

      I always try to leave at least 20%, unless it’s just coffee & pie where 20% would be an insult, then I leave more.

      I just feel weird not leaving cash as a tip sometimes, but I rarely have cash on me.

      I don’t dig the 18% auto-gratuity, but I get it.

      I generally tip $5 & up for pizza. More for a ridiculous amount of food, pop, bad weather, or if I think it’s an “everyone orders pizza today”day. I don’t know if $5 is the new average, or a bad tip now?

      I feel like I’m all over the place in tipping for a haircut. It really depends on the cut & the personality.


  2. I always tip between 15-25%, depending on service. As a former waitress, I was never offended with credit card tips, as I received them at the end of the night in cash anyway,, and I was also never offended by the amount I was tipped. I knew whether or not I did a good job, and I also knew that everyone’s situation was different. Some people can give more than others, and I don’t know everyone’s backstory or financial situation. I was lucky to have worked in a local diner with regulars who always wanted my tables, and I was tipped fairly. I really enjoyed the people I worked with and the owners of the place, so that may contribute to my more laid back demeanor about tipping, as well as the fact that I had no dependents in my household.

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  3. Generally I tip between 15 and 20 percent. I like to round to the dollar every time because it is easier to remember when I balance the bank account. I prefer to go with closer to 20 percent when it takes considerable effort from the server/driver/stylist/etc. If I get bad service, I will go as close to 15 percent as possible.

    As far as mode of tipping, I usually like to leave cash. It seems more personable to me and sometimes I have heard individuals getting screwed when it comes to shared tips. Also cash is instant while leaving it on a card means that the employee must wait for their paycheck and taxes are taken out.

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    • Depending on what you read, 15% seems like the new low. If 20% is the new average, should I be trying to tip better than that? Again, with my small circle of places where I feel comfortable eating.

      Employees don’t cash out tips nightly that are left on cards?


      • I have heard of corporate places that keep tips until payday. I like the idea of it being cashed out at the end of the night but again, now there is a record of the tip and then they have to claim it on taxes (but that is a different thing altogether.

        As far as percentage, I do tip more than 20% if service is exceptional or the person is just… awesome. Tonight I tipped over 20% because there was no one in the joint and the waitress cared for us like a grandma at a holiday meal.


  4. For restaurants and delivery, 20% is my starting point. I definitely take into account poor weather, etc. and almost always round up to make my total an even dollar amount. If the service is bad, there’s a good chance I won’t be back anytime soon.

    My favorite brewpub is an exception to all of this. My tip is much greater since I generally occupy the barstool for 4-5 hours on my regular night. I give a flat amount every week, no matter what my bill is. Percentage-wise it works out to anywhere between 33 and 50% depending on the week.


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