Bob Evans: 1 • Eat’n Park: 1½


So, did you read about our most recent experience with a waitress we’ll call Maleficent at the local Bob Evans?  If not, you may want to read that first.

I recently got the expected response from Bob Evans, and it’s nowhere near as enthusiastic as last time.  They are probably more displeased with my over-the-top approach to storytelling than the actions of Maleficent.

——– Original message ——–
From: “Barga, Leann D.
Date: 11/11/2015 9:23 AM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Bob Evans – Reference # 1106568

Good Morning Eric,

I am so sorry to hear that you recently had a poor experience at our Bridgeville location.  The behavior demonstrated by one of our servers was unacceptable, and for that we truly apologize.  We expect all of our employees to treat our guests like family, and want our guests to be completely satisfied – it is clear that we let you down with your initial server during this visit.

On the other hand, I am happy to hear that Lincoln ‘saved the day’ and made the rest of your time with us an enjoyable one.

I will be sharing your comments with the general manager and area coach of this location so any necessary action can be taken to ensure that all of our servers are meeting our and our guests expectations.


LeAnn Barga (formerly Purdy)
Representative, Guest and Consumer Relations
8111 Smith’s Mill Road
New Albany, Ohio 43054
Phone: (800) 939-2338

It seems that Leanne is still rocking it with Bob Evans, now with a new name.  I hope she is doing well!

Not sure what this means (if anything) for Maleficent and Lincoln.  Will anything actually be said?  Will general management or area coaches write back to me directly?  Will I get a dirty look from Maleficent next time we’re there?  Hopefully Lincoln is on the clock.

Of course I can’t just let things like this be, so I reached out to Eat’n Park on twitter. Their response was glorious

Ha.  Eat’n Park for the win.



4 thoughts on “Bob Evans: 1 • Eat’n Park: 1½

  1. Having worked in various customer service jobs, I can translate their response for you. They are going to chew out the manager of that location, if they haven’t already.

    “Assigning a coach to address the problem” or statements like that mean, “The waitress is going to be written up.” “Coaching forms” are the new term for “disciplinary forms”, and this will go into the waitress’ file and pulled up in a few weeks for review, to see if “further action needs to be taken”.

    In other words, if you go back and have another experience not to your liking, and then complain again – or if another customer complains about the same thing – they will probably fire her.

    If not, at her next performance review they will go over this again, and probably at the least will not give her a raise (if she’s up for one).

    The “coach” will not deal with you directly, as this is most likely her immediate supervisor and/or the person who trained her. The local or regional manager will be the contact person if you or they feel there should be further contact. They won’t tell you what they said to the waitress or anything like that. The “coaching” is basically them telling her why she is in trouble (listing the behaviors that were complained about, specifically), and then issuing her a warning.

    I think their response is serious and usually it doesn’t rise to this level, so if you are wanting to know if this waitress is in trouble, I would say she most definitely is. And her manager is too. The district manager is probably quite unhappy that he or she has to intervene in this.

    Just my 2 cents according to my various work experiences as a customer service rep and supervisor of people in those types of jobs.

    PS – With the holidays coming up, and with waitressing being a fairly crappy, low-paying job, I would appeal to your good nature and ask that you please not get this woman in further trouble because you are now in a pretty good position to get her fired. And, come on, you seem like a really nice guy. I mean, I don’t know this woman nor have I eaten at that place, but I have been unemployed and it sucks, big time, especially around the holidays. Who knows what her life is like apart from work? She may be the only income earner, she may have sick parents to care for, hell she may be struggling with any number of shitty life experiences.

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    • I sure as hell don’t want anyone fired. I just want to have a nice meal with no issues.

      This woman has blamed slow service on the kitchen more than twice while we watched her stand around and BS to other customers, rolled her eyes at me concerning food allergies, and most recently the crayon incident.

      I just wanted to focus on how much ass the waiter kicked. We left a $15 tip for the man. We even discussed his own food allergies but I left that out of my blog post.

      We never tip less than 20%, we’re polite, we clean up the kids’ messes, I try not to special order things but I may ask questions about cooking surfaces. I swear, we’re pleasant customers.


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